Intelligent design creationism and its critics : philosophical, theological, and scientific perspectives / edited by Robert T. Pennock.

Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2001.
xx, 805 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Evolution (Biology)
Evolution (Biology) -- Religious aspects -- Christianity.
Religion and science.
Science -- Philosophy.
The wedge at work: how intelligent design creationism is wedging its way into the cultural and academic mainstream / Barbara Forrest
Evolution as dogma: the establishment of naturalism / Phillip E. Johnson
Naturalism, evidence, and creationism: the case of Phillip Johnson / Robert T. Pennock
Response to Pennock / Phillip E. Johnson
Reply: Johnson's Reason in the balance / Robert T. Pennock
When faith and reason clash: evolution and the Bible / Alvin Plantinga
When faith and reason cooperate / Howard J. Van Till
Plantinga's defense of special creation / Ernan McMullin
Evolution, neutrality, and antecedent probability: a reply to McMullin and Van Till / Alvin Plantinga
Molecular machines: experimental support for the design inference / Michael J. Behe
Born-again creationism / Philip Kitcher
Biology remystified: the scientific claims of the new creationists / Matthew J. Brauer and Daniel R. Brumbaugh
Methodological naturalism? / Alvin Plantinga
Methodological naturalism under attack / Michael Ruse
Plantinga's case against naturalistic epistemology / Evan Fales
Plantinga's probability arguments against evolutionary naturalism / Branden Fitelson and Elliott Sober
Creator or blind watchmaker? / Phillip E. Johnson
Phillip Johnson on trial: a critique of his critique of Darwin / Nancey Murphy
Welcoming the "disguised friend" - Darwinism and divinity / Arthur Peacocke
The creation: intelligently designed or optimally equipped? / Howard J. Van Till
Is theism compatible with evolution? / Roy Clouser
Is genetic information irreducible? / Phillip E. Johnson
Reply to Phillip Johnson / Richard Dawkins
Reply to Johnson / George C. Williams
Intelligent design as a theory of information / William A. Dembski
Information and the argument from design / Peter Godfrey-Smith
How not to detect design - critical notice: William A. Dembski, The design inference / Branden Fitelson, Christopher Stephens, and Elliott Sober
The "information challenge" / Richard Dawkins
Who's got the magic? / William A. Dembski
The wizards of ID: reply to Dembski / Robert T. Pennock
The panda's thumb / Stephen Jay Gould
The role of theology in current evolutionary reasoning / Paul A. Nelson
Appealing to ignorance behind the cloak of ambiguity / Kelly C. Smith
Nonoverlapping magisteria / Stephen Jay Gould
Why creationism should not be taught in the public schools / Robert T. Pennock
Creation and evolution: a modest proposal / Alvin Plantinga
Reply to Plantinga's "modest proposal" / Robert T. Pennock.
"A Bradford book."
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Pennock, Robert T.
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