The mission : journalism, ethics and the world / Joseph B. Atkins, editor.

Ames, Iowa : Iowa State University Press, 2002.
xvii, 253 p. ; 24 cm.
1st ed.
International topics in media

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Journalistic ethics.
Journalism as a mission: ethics and purpose from an international perspective / Joseph B. Atkins
Chaos and order: sacrificing the individual for the sake of social harmony / John C. Merrill
Ways of a muckraker / Jerry Mitchell
A sinister zone of likeness: journalists as heroes and villains in the U.S. south and in Central and Eastern Europe / Joseph B. Atkins
From collusion to independence: the press, the ruling party, and democratization in Mexico / Michael Snodgrass
The outspoken journalist is an expression, a symbol of Colombia / Stephen F. Jackson
The stranger: minorities and their treatment in the German media / Georg Ruhrmann
Between state control and the bottom line: journalism and journalism ethics in Hungary / IldikoĢ Kaposi and Eva Vajda
SITA: Slovakia's first independent news serves and its battles with the Huey Long of the Danube / Pavol Mudry
Holding Politician's feet to the fire in Slovenia / Bernard Nezmah
Lebanese television: caught between the government and the private sector / Nabil Dajani
Press freedom and the crisis of ethical journalism in southern Africa / Regina Jere-Malanda
Nigerian press ethics and the politics of pluralism / Minabere Ibelema
The Indian press: covering an enigma / Jayanti Ram-Chandran
Palace intrigue in Katmandu and the press in Nepal / Akhilesh Upadhyay
The press in Japan: job security versus journalistic mission / Takehiko Nomura
A journey in journalism: from idealism to bankruptcy / Neil W. White III
Reclaiming responsibility: a journalist and artist in the catholic worker movement / Chuck Trapkus
Ryszard Kapuscinski: the empathetic existentialist / Joseph B. Atkins and Bernard Nezmah
The white rose: on the martyrdom of student pamphleteers in Nazi Germany and their legacy / Joseph B. Atkins.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 233-241) and index.
Atkins, Joseph B.
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