[Satyrae : with commentary by Domizio Calderino and Giorgio Valla].

Standardized Title:
Works. 1494
Impraessum Taurini ... : Per Nicolaum de Beneditis & Iacobinu[m] Suigum ..., Anno MCCCCXCIIII octauo idus Octobris [8 Oct. 1494]
[136] leaves ; 28 cm. (fol.)
p-am s:ua lini scma (C) 1494 (R)
Incunabula -- Italy -- Turin -- 1494.
Printer's devices (Printing) -- Italy -- Turin -- 15th century.
Place of Publication:
Italy Turin.
(from leaf a1r) Habes in hoc Volumine Iuuenalis haec. Domicii Calderini Veronensis commentarium
Probi Birthii Antiquissimi grammatici commentarium
Georgii Vallae placentini comentarium
Addita sunt etiam nonnulla alia: & multae additiones in suis locis appositae in commentariis Domicii Calderini: Cum epistola de Satyra & modo punctandi orationes
Defensionem Domicii Calderini aduersus brotheum.
Title from ISTC.
Imprint from colophon on leaf r8r, which reads: Impraessum Taurini summa diligentia & Castigatione per Nicolaum de Beneditis & Iacobinu[m] suigum Impressores insignes Anno. M.CCCCXCIIII. Octauo idus Octobris.
"Probably reprinted from the edition of Locatellus, Venice, 1492 ..., in which the initials of the commentators are similarly set out in the margins."--BM 15th cent.
Chancery folio. Leaf a5r: 53 lines of commentary surrounding main text, plus headline; area of text: 229 (238) x 159 mm. Woodcut initials; initial spaces and spaces for paragraph marks in commentary. With signatures; without foliation or catchwords. Text of leaf a1r and woodcut printer's device on leaf r8r printed in red. Register on leaf r8r.
Signatures: a-r⁸.
Includes Calderino's Defensio adversus Brotheum and other works. "The commentaries of Calderinus and Valla are printed throughout in successive sections distinguished by the letters DO. and VAL. in the margin. The 'Probus Birthius' mentioned in the title [i.e. leaf a1r] is the Probus whose scholia on Juvenal were discovered by Valla and who was identified by him with M. Valerius Probus (Berytius) the grammarian; the scholia are incorporated in Valla's commentary and the manner of their mention in the title is therefore misleading."--BM 15th cent.
Local notes:
Leaf size: 271 x 202 mm.
Penn Libraries copy without rubrication.
Penn Libraries copy has Italian ms. bibliographical note ("Edit. Roman calen septem. 1474. come sta [struck through: statto circa all] stampato circa alla metà della penultima pagina dell' opera.") in brown ink on verso of leaf preceding title leaf; ms. bibliographical note in pencil on leaf a1r; a few ms. inscriptions in black ink and pen tests in brown ink on leaf a1r; early ms. annotation in fore-edge margin of leaf h6v.
Penn Libraries copy has dated autograph ("Firenze, 25 Ott 1919 George Sarton") of George Sarton (1884-1956) on verso of leaf preceding title leaf; 3 oval stamps ("G.B. MONACA DA MONTEMAGNO") on verso of leaf preceding title leaf; partially illegible autograph ("Ga[...]olius[?] Aloysius J.U.d.") on leaf a1r.
Penn Libraries copy bound in marbled paper boards; gold-stamped brown leather spine label ("JUVENALIS TURIN 1494").
Penn Libraries copy imperfect: all after leaf r3 wanting.
Penn Libraries copy: leaf a8 bound in out of order after leaf a1.
Penn Libraries copy: leaves lightly wormed with occasional minor damage to text; many leaves dampstained; leaves cropped at fore-edge margin with damage to ms. marginalium on leaf h6v.
Penn Provenance:
Monaca, G. B. (stamp)
Sarton, George, 1884-1956 (autograph)
Penn Chronology:
1494 (8 Oct.)
Cited in:
Goff J-660
BM 15th cent. VII, p. 1058 (IB.32443)
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ISTC ij00660000
Calderino, Domizio, 1447-1478.
Valla, Giorgio, 1447-1500.
Benedictis, Nicolaus de, fl. 1481-1519, printer.
Suigus, Jacobinus, fl. 1484-1499, printer.
Incunable Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Calderino, Domizio, 1447-1478. Defensio adversus Brotheum.
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