Scriptum super libru[m] ethicoru[m] editum a fratre Geraldo odonis de ordine fratrum minoru[m] Magistro in theologia &c.

Geraldus, Odonis, 1285-1349
Other Title:
Title from explicit of text (leaf O5r): Sententia & expositio cu[m] questionib[us] su[per] libro ethico[rum] Aristotel[is].
Goff title: Expositio in Aristotelis Ethicam
Impressa Brixie : Ad expensas ... Bonifacij de Manerua, Mcccclxxxij die vltimo Aprilis [30 Apr. 1482]
[348] leaves (the last leaf blank) ; 31 cm. (fol.)
Fingerprint: ntx. Inli (C) 1482 (R)
Aristotle. Nicomachean ethics -- Early works to 1800.
Incunabula -- Italy -- Brescia -- 1482.
Manuscript waste (Binding)
Printed waste (Binding)
Wooden boards (Binding)
Clasps (Binding)
Place of Publication:
Italy Brescia.
Edited by Gratius Brixianus.
Title from incipit of text on leaf a2r, which reads: Incipit scriptum super libru[m] ethicoru[m] editum a fratre Geraldo odonis de ordine fratrum minoru[m] Magistro in theologia &c.
Imprint from colophon on leaf O5r, which reads: Impressa Brixie ad expensas. Sp. d[omi]ni Bonifacij de manerua. .M.cccc.lxxxij. die vltimo aprilis.
"This work has been assigned by various authorities to the press of Boninus de Bonini on the rather shaky groun od his having in 1486 come into possession of the type here used. But in 1482 Boninus was still in Verona and did not arrive in Brescia until sometime between February and June of 1483."--Walsh. Cf. also P. Veneziani, La tipografia a Brescia nel XV secolo (Firenze, 1986), p. 67.
Chancery folio, printed primarily in double columns. Leaf a2r: 48 lines to a full column, plus headline; area of text: 202 (219) x 125 mm.; col. width: 55 mm. Initial spaces; spaces for paragraph marks. With signatures; without foliation or catchwords. Register on leaf [superscript pi]a1v.
Signatures: [superscript pi]a⁸ [superscript pi]b¹⁰ a¹⁰ b-g⁸ h-q¹⁰ r-s⁸ t-x¹⁰ y-z⁸ [et]¹⁰ A-N⁸ O⁶ (leaf O6 lank).
Leaves [superscript pi]a2-a4 signed "a", "a 2" and "a 3", respectively; leaves a2-a5 signed "a", "a 2", "a 3", and "a 4", respectively.
Explicit of text (leaf O5r) reads: Explicit ententia & expositio cu[m] questionib[us] su[per] libro ethico[rum] Aristotel[is].
Local notes:
Leaf size: 299 x 202 mm.
Penn Libraries copy: rubrication: a few large initials supplied in red and blue ink, the remainder in red or blue ink; paragraph marks supplied in red or blue ink; underlines supplied in red ink.
Penn Libraries copy has early ms. marginal note in brown ink on leaf h2r; ms. marginal inscriptions on leaves n7v and s7v; a few ms. marginal marks in pencil on leaf f1v.
Purchased for the Penn Libraries in 1949.
Penn Libraries copy bound in early full blind-tooled parchment(?) over square-edge wooden boards; 3 raised bands on spine; evidence of 2 leather and metal clasps and metal catchplates; ms. fore-edge title ("LIB. AETHICORum F. Geraldi Odonis").
Penn Libraries copy: two paper leaves from an incunable edition of the works of Virgil (Venice: Thomas de Blavis, de Alexandria, 24 Dec. 1484; ISTC iv00176000) used as binder's waste (front pastedown: leaf C6, recto visible, with text of Aeneid XII, lines 504-533, surrounded by Servius's commentary; back pastedown: leaf C5, verso visible, with text of Aeneid XII, lines 460-503, accompanied by Servius's commentary); small portions of early parchment ms. leaves used as binder's waste (reinforcement at center of most gatherings).
Penn Libraries copy imperfect: leaf O6 (blank) wanting.
Penn Libraries copy: lower board damaged at fore-edge; binding and some leaves at beginning and end of volume wormed; occasional marginal wormholes throughout text.
Penn Chronology:
1482 (30 Apr.)
Cited in:
Goff O-28
BM 15th cent. VII, p. 966 (IB.31283)
GW M02762
BN cat. des incun. O-15
BSB-Ink. G-131
Walsh, J.E. 15th cent. printed books, 3395
ISTC io00028000
Gratius Brixianus.
Bonini, Bonino, ca. 1450-1528, printer.
Manerva, Bonifacius de, publisher.
Incunable Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Early Printed Binding Waste Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
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