Summa Pisani cum supplemento ... : que alias Magistrutia seu Pisanella appellatur.

Nicholas, of Osimo, d. 1453.
Standardized Title:
Supplementum Summae Pisanellae
Other Title:
Incipit of text (leaf [a]2r): Feliciter Summa Pisani cum supplemento incipit, que alias Magistrutia seu Pisanella appellatur
Explicit of text (leaf [2F]7r): Summa Magistrutia alias Pisanella vulgariter appellatu[m] finit feliciter
[Reutlingen : Michael Greyff, 5 Jan. 1482]
[420] leaves (the first and last leaves blanks) ; 28 cm. (fol.)
lius toco side celu (C) 1482 (R)
Penance (Canon law) -- Early works to 1800.
Conscience -- Early works to 1800.
Incunabula -- Germany -- Reutlingen -- 1482.
Wooden boards (Binding)
Manuscript waste (Binding)
Place of Publication:
Germany Reutlingen.
An enlargement, completed by Nicolaus of Osimo in 1444, of the Summa de casibus conscientiae by Bartholomew of San Concordio. Arranged alphabetically by topic.
Title from incipit of text on leaf [a]2r.
Place and date of printing from colophon on leaf [2F]7r, which reads: Anno d[omi]ni. M.cccc.lxxxij. Sabbato ante e[pi]p[han]ie. In Rütlingen deo auxiliante opus terminaru[m] insigne. Summa Magistrutia alias Pisanella vulgariter appellatu[m]. Finit feliciter.
Printer's name from ISTC. (GW assigns to Johann Otmar.)
Chancery folio, printed in double columns. Leaf [a]2r: 45 lines; area of text: 195 x 125 mm.; col. width: 57 mm. Initial spaces; spaces for paragraph marks. Without signatures, foliation or catchwords.
Signatures: [a]-[h]⁸ [i]-[k]¹⁰ [l]-[r]⁸ [s]-[t]⁶ [v]-[z]⁸ [A]-[L]⁸ [M]-[N]¹⁰ [O]-[2F]⁸.
Leaves [a]1 and [2F]8 are blanks.
BM 15th cent., GW and BSB-Ink. record a variant in which gathering [L] contains 10 leaves and gathering [N] contains 8 leaves.
Local notes:
Leaf size: 269 x 171 mm.
Penn Libraries copy: rubrication: initials, paragraph marks, underlines and capital strokes supplied in red; red ms. marginal annotation on leaf [b]2v.
Presented to the Penn Libraries in 1955 by Boies Penrose.
Penn Libraries copy has early ms. underlines and manicule in brown ink on leaf [f]6r; a few early ms. marginal annotations in brown ink in text; signature marks supplied in early ms. in brown ink on many leaves; modern ms. pagination in pencil in head outer corner of rectos of leaves; early signature marks supplied in modern ms. in pencil on the first leaf of some gatherings; early ms. inscription ("[pro]pter deu[m]") in brown ink on head turn-in of left board; ms. inscription ("Duplum.") on inside left board.
Penn Libraries copy has partially illegible 16th-century ms. ownership inscription ("Michael : Haÿdecker a sarnis in trackhenstain me possidet a d. Martino Sh[...]e[...]") of Michael Haydecker on leaf [a]1r; dated 20th-century ms. bookseller's note ("Perfect (slightly wormed at commencement[?]) pp. B. Quaritch, Ltd. F.W., 17.2.28") in pencil on inside of right board.
Penn Libraries copy bound in one quarter pig(?) over blind-tooled parchment(?) over square-edged wooden boards; 3 raised bands on spine; parchment spine label with ms. shelf-mark ("227."); largely effaced ms. inscription at head of spine; partially illegible early ms. title ("Su[...] pisanj Magistrutia seu pisanella") on tail edge; evidence of 2 fore-edge clasps and catchplates; center bifolia of many gatherings reinforced with early ms. parchment strips (binder's waste).
Penn Libraries copy: leaves cropped with occasional damage to ms. marginalia and occasional damage to or loss of ms. signature marks; leaves occasionally dampstained at margins; leaf [l]2 has tear in tail margin; leaf [q]1 has tear in fore-edge margin; boards and some leaves at beginning and end of volume lightly wormed.
Penn Provenance:
Haydecker, Michael (former owner) (inscription)
Penrose, Boies, 1902-1976 (donor)
Bernard Quaritch (Firm) (inscription)
Penn Chronology:
1482 (5 Jan.)
Cited in:
Goff N-56
BM 15th cent. II, p. 577 (IB.10681)
GW M26241
BSB-Ink. N-80
ISTC in00056000
Bartholomew, of San Concordio, 1262-1347.
Greyff, Michael, d. ca. 1512, printer.
Incunable Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
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