Lectura excelle[n]tissimi & acutissimi legu[m] interpretis D. Bartholomei Suzini, edita anno D[omi]ni M.cccc.lxxxvii. de mense Februarii, in ti[tulo] [Pandectae] de excepti[onibus], cu[m] sequen[ti] rubrica.

Soccini, Bartolommeo, 1436-1507.
Other Title:
Goff title: Lectura super titulo De exceptionibus
[Modena : Domenico Rococciolo, 11 May 1491]
[20] leaves (the first leaf blank) ; 39 cm. (fol.)
.&ua exsp *Tin (C) 1491 (R)
Institutiones. De exceptionibus. -- Commentaries -- Early works to 1800.
Incunabula -- Italy -- Modena -- 1491.
Place of Publication:
Italy Modena.
Title from incipit of text on leaf a2r, which reads: In nomine domini: Inicipit lectura excelle[n]tissimi & acutissimi legum interpretis D. Bartholomei Suzini: Edita anno d[omi]ni M.cccc.lxxxviii. de mense Februarii in ti. ff. de excepti. cu[m] seque[nti]. rubrica.
Imprint information from colophon on leaf d4r, which reads: Impressa Mutine impensa diligentissimi viri. M. Dominici Richizole: Ac diligentissime & accuratissime castigata per excelle[n]tissimos. Iu. V. Co[n]sultos Mutinenses. D. Aureliu[m] bele[n]cinu[m] comite[m] &c. &. D. Simonem Casteluitreu[m]: Anno & die verbi incarnati. M.cccclxxxxi. Madii. xi. Laus deo.
Royal folio, printed in double columns. Leaf a2r: 63 lines to a full column; area of text: 286 x 172 mm.; col. width: 75 mm. Initial spaces with guide letters. Printed paragraph marks. With signatures; without foliation or catchwords. Register on leaf d4r.
Signatures: a-b⁶ c-d⁴ (leaf a1 blank).
Leaves a2 and a3 signed "a" and "a 2", respectively.
Caption on leaf a2r: De exceptionibus & prescriptionibus & preiudiciis Rubrica.
Caption on leaf c2r: De exceptionibus rei iudicate. Rubrica.
Local notes:
Leaf size: 387 x 271 mm.
Penn Libraries copy without rubrication.
Penn Libraries copy has some early ms. annotations and marks (in more than one hand?) in brown ink in text; early ms. manicule in brown ink on leaf a2r; modern ms. bibliographical note in pencil on front free endpaper; ms. title ("D. Bartholomeus sucinus senensis s[upra] tit[ul]o De exceptio[nibus] [Pandectae]") in brown ink on leaf a1r.
Purchased for the Penn Libraries in 1956.
Penn Libraries copy has illustrated bookplate of Boies Penrose affixed to front pastedown.
Penn Libraries copy bound in full parchment.
Penn Provenance:
Penrose, Boies, 1902-1976 (bookplate)
Penn Chronology:
1491 (11 May)
Cited in:
Goff S-596
GW M42665
ISTC is00596000
Rococciolo, Domenico, active 1481-1504, printer.
Incunable Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
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