Jews, Turks, Ottomans : a shared history, fifteenth through the twentieth century / edited by Avigdor Levy.

1st ed.
Syracuse, N.Y. : Syracuse University Press, 2002.
Modern Jewish history
xxx, 395 p. : map ; 23 cm.
Jews -- Turkey -- History.
Jews -- Turkey -- Politics and government.
Turkey -- Ethnic relations.
Jews -- Middle East -- History.
Middle East -- Ethnic relations.
Turkey -- History -- Ottoman Empire, 1288-1918.
Pt. 1. Jewish society and the Ottoman polity, fifteenth through eighteenth centuries. Foundations of Ottoman-Jewish cooperation / Halil Inalcik ; Jews in early modern Ottoman commerce / Daniel Goffman ; The development of community organizational structures: the case of Izmir / Jacob Barnai ; Rabbinic literature in the late Byzantine and early Ottoman periods / Israel Ta-Shma ; Jewish contributions to Ottoman medicine, 1450-1800 / Rhoads Murphey
Pt. 2. Modernization and transformation, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Changing patterns of community structures, with special reference to Ottoman Egypt / Jacob M. Landau ; The changing relationship between the Jews of the Arab Middle East and the Ottoman state in the nineteenth century / Daniel J. Schroeter ; Changing relations between Jews, Muslims, and Christians during the nineteenth century, with special reference to Ottoman Syria and Palestine / Moshe Ma'oz ; A tale of two women: facets of Jewish life in nineteenth-century Jerusalem as seen through the Muslim court records / Amnon Cohen ; Jewish female education in the Ottoman Empire, 1840-1914 / Rachel Simon ; The siege of Edirne (1912-1913) as seen by a Jewish eyewitness: social, political, and cultural perspectives / Avigdor Levy ; The industrial working class of Salonica, 1850-1912 / Donald Quataert ; The special relationship: the Committee of Union and Progress and the Ottoman Jewish political elite, 1908-1918 / Feroz Ahmad
Pt. 3. Aspects of Turkish-Jewish relations in the twentieth century. German Jewish emigrés in Turkey / Frank Tachau ; Roads east: Turkey and the Jews of Europe during World War II / Stanford J. Shaw ; Recipes of magic-religious medicine as expressed linguistically / Marie-Christine Varol ; Mario Levi: a young Jewish author from Istanbul / Nedim Gürsel.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 343-379) and index.
Levy, Avigdor.
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