Fundamental immunology [electronic resource] / editor, William E. Paul.

7th ed.
Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2013.
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Medical subjects:
Immune System Phenomena.
Section I: Introduction to immunology
chapter 1. The immune system / William E. Paul
chapter 2. History of immunology / Steven Greenberg
Section II: Organization and evolution of the immune system
chapter 3. Lymphoid tissues and organs / Eitan M. Akirav ... [et al.]
chapter 4. Evolution of the immune system / Martin F. Flajnik and Louis Du Pasquier
Section III: Immunoglobulins and B-lymphocytes
chapter 5. Immunoglobulins: structure and function / Harry W. Schroeder Jr., David Wald, and Neil S. Greenspan
chapter 6. Immunoglobulins: molecular genetics / Edward E. Max and Sebastian Fugmann
chapter 7. Antigen-antibody interactions and monoclonal antibodies / Jay A. Berzofsky and Ira J. Berkower
chapter 8. B-lymphocyte development and biology / Richard R. Hardy
chapter 9. B-lymphocyte receptors, signaling mechanisms, and activation / Akanksha Chaturvedi ... [et al.]
chapter 10. B-lymphocyte responses / Michael McHeyzer-Williams
Section IV: T-lymphocytes
chapter 11. T-cell antigen receptors / Mark M. Davis and Yueh-Hsiu Chien
chapter 12. Mechanisms of T-lymphocyte signaling and activation / Takashi Saito
chapter 13. T-lymphocyte developmental biology / Ellen V. Rothenberg and Ameya Champhekar
chapter 14. Peripheral T-lymphocyte responses and function / Marc K. Jenkins
Section V: The intersection of innate and adaptive immunity
chapter 15. The innate immune system / Luke A. J. O'Neill
chapter 16. Dendritic cells / Kang Liu, Michel C. Nussenzweig
chapter 17. Natural killer cells / Wayne M. Yokoyama
chapter 18. CD1d-restricted natural killer T-cells / Albert Bendelac
chapter 19. Macrophages and phagocytosis / Siamon Gordon
chapter 20. Granulocytes and mast cells / Patrizia Scapini ... [et al.]
chapter 21. The major histocompatibility complex and its proteins / David H. Margulies ... [et al.]
chapter 22. Antigen processing and presentation / Ted H. Hansen and Paul A. Roche
Section VI: Induction, regulation, and effector functions of the immune response
chapter 23. Immunogenicity and antigen structure / Jay A. Berzofsky and Ira J. Berkower
chapter 24. Rc receptors and their role in immune regulation and inflammation / Jeffrey V. Ravetch and Falk Nimmerjahn
chapter 25. Type I cytokines and interferons, and their receptors / Warren J. Leonard
chapter 26. The interleukin-1 family / Charles A. Dinarello and Mihai G. Netea
chapter 27. Tumor necrosis factor-related cytokines in immunity / Carl F. Ware
chapter 28. Chemokines / Philip M. Murphy
chapter 29. Helper T-cell differentiation and plasticity / John J. O'Shea
chapter 30. Programmed cell death / Andrew L. Snow and Michael J. Lenardo
chapter 31. Immunologic memory / Shane Crotty, Susan M. Kaech, and Stephen P. Schoenberger
chapter 32. Immunologic tolerance / Christopher C. Goodnow and Pamela S. Ohashi
chapter 33. Regulatory/suppressor T-cells / Ethan M. Shevach
chapter 34. The mucosal immune system / Yasmine Belkaid
chapter 35. Neurophysiologic reflex mechanisms in immunology / Sangeeta S. Chavan and Kevin J. Tracey
chapter 36. Complement / B. Paul Morgan
chapter 37. Cell-mediated cytotoxicity / Judy Lieberman
Section VII: Immunity to infectious agents
chapter 38. The immune response to parasites / Thomas A. Wynn ... [et al.]
chapter 39. Immunity to viruses / Hildegund C. J. Ertl
chapter 40. Immunity to intracellular bacteria / Anca Dorhoi, Stephen T. Reece, and Stefan H. E. Kaufmann
chapter 41. Immunity to extracellular bacteria / Moon H. Nahm and Jannet Katz
chapter 42. Immunology of human immunodeficiency virus infection / Douglas S. Kwon and Bruce D. Walker
chapter 43. Vaccines / Ennio De Gregorio ... [et al.]
Section VIII: Immunologic mechanisms in disease
chapter 44. Autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases / Ken T. Coppieters, Matthias G. von Herrath, and Dirk Homann
chapter 45. Immunologic mechanisms of allergic disorders / Marsha Wills-Karp and Ian Lewkowich
chapter 46. Transplantation immunology / Megan Sykes, Kathryn Wood, and David H. Sachs
chapter 47. Cancer immunology / Hans Schreiber
chapter 48. Inborn errors of immunity / Jean-Laurent Casanova, Mary Ellen Conley, and Luigi D. Notarangelo.
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