Islam and democracy : the failure of dialogue in Algeria / Frédéric Volpi.

Volpi, Frédéric.
London ; Sterling, Va. : Pluto Press, 2003.
viii, 168 p. ; 23 cm.
Demonstrations -- Algeria.
Islam and politics -- Algeria.
Islamic fundamentalism -- Algeria.
Algeria -- Politics and government,
Algeria -- Social conditions
Understanding political democratisation at the beginning of the XXI century
Algeria and the 'third wave' of democratic transitions
Islam and the 'west' : a clash of ideologies in Algeria
New political actors for a new international order
Political ideas and practices in historical perspective
Genealogies of state power : colonial experiences post colonial dilemmas
Historical perspectives on Islamic fundamentalist ideology : a pragmatic account
The Algerian political opening : democratic symbols and authoritarian practices (1988-1991)
The 1988 October riots : the symbol of a new era
The Algerian democratic opening : successes and failures
The 1992 coup d'état and beyond : war as politics through other means (1992-1994)
The 1992 coup d'état
The military in control : The repressive option
The Islamic movement : from political opposition to 'holy' war
A new authoritarianism : guided democracy versus radical Islam (1995-2000)
The re-composition of the political field
Electoral marketing : formal representation and informal authoritarianism
On the margins of politics : the military and the Islamic guerrillas
A civil society in transition : survivalist strategies and social protest
Coping with violence and deprivation : survivalist strategies
The articulation of social protest : defying the regime
The international arena : strengths and weaknesses of the new world order
The political economy of the conflict : the role of international actors
Algeria as the future of democratisation in the Muslim world
Exporting the jihad : the internationalisation of radical Islamic actors
Learning and unlearning to be democratic.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 156-163) and index.
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