Secunda Secunde sancti Thome de Aquino ordinis Predicatorum.

Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274.
Impressus Venetijs : Opera & dilige[n]ti cura Ioannis Rubei ..., v. Id[us] Sextiles 1496 [9 Aug. 1496]
[6], 183, [1] leaves (the last leaf blank) ; 32 cm. (fol.)

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Standardized Title:
Summa theologica. Secunda secundae
Other Title:
Secunda secundae Sancti Thomae de Aquino Ordinis Predicatorum
Goff title: Summa theologicae. Pars secunda, secunda pars
m.tu m.s* u-se daan (3) 1496 (A)
Incunabula -- Italy -- Venice -- 1496.
Place of Publication:
Italy Venice.
Title from title leaf (leaf 2a1r).
Imprint from colophon on leaf z7v, which reads: Liber secundus partis secunde Beati Thome de Aquino ordinis predicatorum finit: Impressus Venetijs opera & dilige[n]ti cura Ioannis rubei Vercellensis. Regnante Augustino Barbadico Serenissimo Venetiaru[m] p[ri]ncipe. v. Id[us] Sextiles. 1496.
Chancery folio, printed primarily in double columns. Leaf a1r: 72 lines to a full column, plus headline; area of text: 243 (256) x 154 mm.; col. width: 74 mm. (Number of lines to a full column varies; GW gives: 68-72.) Initial spaces, most with guide letters. Printed paragraph marks. With signatures and foliation; without catchwords. Register on leaf 2a6v. Woodcut initial on leaf 2a2r.
Signatures: 2a⁶ a-z⁸ (leaf z8 blank).
Local notes:
Penn Libraries copy bound (in place of the Secunda secundae wanting from this copy of the Summa theologica) with: Thomas, Aquinas, Saint. Prima[-tertia] pars summe sacre theologie angelici Doctoris sancti Thome de Aquino. Venice : Boneto Locatelli for Ottaviano Scotto, 1493-1495. (Goff T-195)
Leaf size: 306 x 202 mm.
Penn Libraries copy without rubrication.
Penn Libraries copy has early ms. manicule in brown ink on leaf a4v.
Penn Libraries copy has two early ms. purchase inscriptions ("iste liber est fr[atr]is Anastasij bixie[n]sis[?] e[m]ptus stipendijs fratru[m] suo[rum]" and "deinde redemptus A Ioanne Bapt[ist]a sectore septem libris") of a Brother Anastasius Bixiensis and a Joannes Baptista in brown ink on leaf z8v.
Presented to the University of Pennsylvania Libraries by Dr. William Cox.
Penn Libraries copy has partially illegible dated 19th-century ms. inscription ("Die 11. Novembris Maggetti[?] Valentinus Can[...]us[?] [...] vice Parrocus [...]siaru[...] Anno Do[mi]ni 1815 et [...] [...] [...] [...] Anno do[mi]ni 1817:") in brown and black ink in fore-edge margin of leaf l1v.
Penn Libraries copy bound in full early parchment; remains of ms. spine label; partially illegible ms. spine title; evidence of fore-edge title.
Penn Libraries copy has wormhole in head inner corner of leaves q5-z8; many leaves dampstained at fore-edge; right board mutilated at fore-edge; spine damaged and repaired; left board damaged at tail edge.
Penn Provenance:
Cox, William (donor)
Anastasius Bixiensis(?) (former owner) (inscription)
Joannes Baptista (former owner) (inscription)
Penn Chronology:
1496 (9 Aug.)
Cited in:
Goff T-218
BM 15th cent. V, p. 419 (IB.23182
GW M46496
BN cat. des incun. T-184
BSB-Ink. T-295
ISTC it00218000
Rosso, Giovanni, active 1480-1519, printer.
Incunable Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Early Venetian Imprint Collection (University of Pennsylvania)