Steller's history of Kamchatka : collected information concerning the history of Kamchatka, its peoples, their manners, names, lifestyle, and various customary practices / by Georg Wilhelm Steller ; edited by Marvin W. Falk ; translated by Margritt Engel and Karen Willmore.

Steller, Georg Wilhelm, 1709-1746.
Standardized Title:
Beschreibung von dem Lande Kamtschatka. English
Other Title:
History of Kamchatka
Fairbanks : University of Alaska Press, 2003.
Rasmuson Library historical translation series ; v. 12.
Rasmuson Library translation series ; 12
xiv, 298 p. : ill., maps, music ; 23 cm.
Kamchadals -- Social life and customs.
Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia) -- Social life and customs.
Natural history -- Russia (Federation) -- Kamchatka Peninsula.
Translated from the German.
About the rivers
About various springs of Kamchatka
About the mountains
About the various diverse regions of Kamchatka
About the weather on Kamchatka
About the health of the inhabitants as well as their diseases and remedies
About the minerals and fossils of Kamchatka
About the trees, shrubs, and plants on Kamchatka
About marine plants and vegetation that the ocean around Kamchatka washes ashore, their usefulness and application
About the marine mammals that are caught on Kamchatkan shores, their usefulness and utilization
About the land animals on Kamchatka
About the fishes on Kamchatka
About some marine animals that are eaten on Kamchatka
About the birds of Kamchatka
About the seabirds
About the waterfowl
About the land birds
About the insects and related creatures on Kamchatka
About the Russian villages on Kamchatka
About the Itelmen villages
About the first occupation of Kamchatka
About the condition of Kamchatka before the occupation
About the origins of the Itelmen
About the religion of the Itelmen
About the Itelmen's disposition, likes and dislikes, virtues and vices
About the constitution, stature and physical characteristics of the Itelmen
About the Itelmen's clothing of both sexes
About the Itelmen's work and tools
About the Itelmen's diet, dishes, and table manners
About the Itelmen's celebrations and entertainment
About the Itelmen's marriage customs
About the Itelmen's begetting and raising children
About political things and the solving of controversies
About the Itelmen's classification of time
About the medicines of the Itelmen
About traveling on Kamchatka
About imports, exports, and potential trade on Kamchatka.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 291-293) and index.
Falk, Marvin W., 1943-
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