Lies (and the lying liars who tell them) : a fair and balanced look at the right / Al Franken.

Franken, Al.
New York : Dutton, c2003.
xvii, 379 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Conservatism -- United States -- Humor.
United States -- Politics and government -- Humor.
Political satire, American.
A note from the author
1. Hummus
2. Ann Coulter : nutcase
3. You know who I don't like? Ann Coulter
4. Liberals who hate America
5. Loving America the Al Franken way
6. I bitch-slap Bernie Goldberg
7. The 2000 Presidential Election : how it disproved the hypothetical liberal media paradigm matrix
8. Conclusion : a lesson learned
9. Five get-rich-quick tips the Wall Street fat cats don't want you to know
10. Chapter for american book / by Kharap Juta
11. I'm funnier than Kharap Juta
12. The chapter on Fox
13. Bill O'Reilly : lying, splotchy bully
14. Hannity and Colmes
15. The Blame-America's-Ex-President-First Crowd
16. Operation ignore
17. Our national dialogue on terrorism
18. Humor in uniform
19. Who created the tone?
20. Did the tone change?
21. Why did anyone think it would change?
22. I grow discouraged about the tone
23. I'm prudenized
24. Paul Gigot is unable to defend an incredibly stupid Wall Street Journal editorial
25. "This was not a memorial to Paul Wellstone" : a case study in right-wing lies
26. I attend the White House correspondents dinner and annoy Karl Rove, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and the entire Fox News team
27. The lying years
28. Bush can't lose with Clinton's military
29. Operation Chickenhawk : episode one
30. Fun with racism
31. I'm a bad liar
32. Thank God for Jerry Falwell
33. Abstinence heroes
34. Abstinence heros 2
35. "By far the vast majority of my tax cuts go to those on the bottom"
36. The waitress and the lawyer : a one-act play
37. The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus
38. I challenge Rich Lowry to a fight
39. Vast lagoons of pig feces : the Bush environmental record
40. I meet former First lady Barbara Bush and it doesn't go well
41. My personal search for weapons of mass destruction
42. The No Child Left Behind standardized test
43. What is a lie?
Sources and notes
Meet TeamFranken
Includes bibliographical references (p. 355-367).
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