[Trionfi e Canzoniere].

Petrarca, Francesco, 1304-1374.
Standardized Title:
Impressi in Venetia : Per Piero Veroneso, Nel MCCCCLXXXX Adi xxii de Aprilo [22 April 1490]
[8], 128, 102 [i.e. 101], [1] leaves (the first and last blanks) : ill. ; 31 cm. (fol.)
.lre ii.i r-te piro (3) 1490 (R)
Incunabula -- Italy -- Venice -- 1490.
Place of Publication:
Italy Venice.
Consists of Petrarca's Trionfi and Rime issued in two companion volumes by Piero de Piasi. The Trionfi (pt. 1) contains the commentary by Bernardo Lapini; the Rime (pt. 2) contains the commentary of Francesco Filelfo, continued by Girolamo Squarciafico and revised by Girolamo Centone.
Title supplied from Goff.
Imprint from colophon of part 2; part 1 undated.
Colophon of part 2 (leaf N5v) reads: Finisse gli sonetti di Misser Francescho Petrarcha coreti & castigati per me Hieronymo Centone Paduano Impressi in Venetia per Piero Veroneso nel M.CCCCLXXXX. Adi. xxii. de Aprilo Regnante lo Inclito & glorioso principe Augustino Barbadico.
Chancery folio. Leaf a2r: 61 lines of commentary surrounding 11 lines of verse, plus headline and printed marginalia; area of text: 242 (248) x 154 (159) mm. Initial spaces, most with guide letters; spaces for paragraph marks. Printed headline in the Trionfi, but not the Rime. With signatures and foliation; without catchwords. Six full-page woodcut illustrations; woodcut initials. Registers on leaves q8r and N5v.
Signatures: aa⁸ a-q⁸ A-M⁸ N⁶ (leaves aa1 and N6 blanks).
Errors in foliation: leaf [8], first count (aa8), numbered 3; leaf 1, 2nd count (a1), numbered 4; leaf number 93, third count, omitted in sequence.
Caption of prologue to the Trionfi (leaf aa6v) reads: Prologus. Ad illustrissimum Mutinae Ducem diuum Borsium Estensem Bernardi Ilicini medicinae: ac philosophiae discipuli in triumphorum clarissimi poetae Francisci Petrarchae expositio incipit.
Incipit of the Rime (leaf A2) reads: Incominciano li sonetti co[n] ca[n]zoni dello egregio poeta Misser Fra[n]cescho Petrarcha co[n] la i[n]terpretatio[n]e dello eximio & excelle[n]te poeta misser Fra[n]cescho Philelpho allo i[n]uictissi[m]o Philippo Maria duca di mila[n]o.
This edition has an alphabetical index of subjects in each part, with references to the folio and marginal letter. These indexes are reprinted, with slight variations, in all the later folio editions, down to 1515.
Local notes:
Leaf size: 295 x 201 mm.
Penn Libraries copy: rubrication: large colored initials (red, blue or green) on illuminated backgrounds on leaves e3r, f6r, h5r, o7r, p8r and A2r; most small initials supplied in blue, with one in green and another in red; woodcut initials hand-colored in green, yellow, red, and blue (large initial on leaf a1r also illuminated).
Penn Libraries copy has modern ms. bibliographical notes in pencil on first blank leaf following front free endpaper; a few early ms. underlines and marginal notes in brown ink in text; ms. note in pencil at foot of leaf k3v; ms. manicule in brown ink on leaf H2r; modern ms. note ("Franklin Rm") in pencil on back pastedown.
Penn Libraries copy has dated 19th-century ms. bibliographical note (signed: RW Wade A. 1810) in the hand of Robert Watson Wade on verso of blank leaf preceding first printed leaf.
Bequeathed to the University of Pennsylvania Libraries by Francis Campbell Macauley in 1896.
Penn Libraries copy has bookplate (initials "C.L.J." within a buckled belt beneath a wheat sheaf) of C.L. James (engraved by Miller of London) on front pastedown.
Penn Libraries copy bound in modern three-quarter brown morocco over light brown gold-tooled cloth boards; five gold-tooled raised bands on spine with floral designs in five panels, and author and title stamped in one panel; all edges gilt.
Penn Libraries copy imperfect: the 6 leaves with the full-page woodcuts (aa8, e2, f5, h4, o6, and p7) all wanting (with blank leaves inserted in the place of all but e2 and another blank leaf inserted between d4 and d5); first and last leaves (blanks) also wanting.
Penn Libraries copy: leaf A4 torn and mended at tail margin; leaf N4 mended at fore-edge margin; leaf N5 mended at fore-edge margin and partially mounted on blank leaf at head and tail margins, with no loss of text; some leaves at end of volume dampstained.
Penn Provenance:
Macauley, Francis Campbell (donor)
James, C. L. (bookplate)
Wade, Robert Watson (autograph)
Penn Chronology:
1490 (22 April)
Cited in:
Goff P-386
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Lapini, Bernardo, fl. 1475.
Filelfo, Francesco, 1398-1481.
Squarciafico, Girolamo.
Centone, Girolamo, d. 1527.
Piasi, Piero de, 15th cent., printer.
Macauley Library (University of Pennsylvania)
Incunable Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Early Venetian Imprint Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Petrarca, Francesco, 1304-1374. Rime.
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