The syntax of time / edited by Jacqueline Guéron and Jacqueline Lecarme.

Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, [2004]
x, 662 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Conference Name:
International Round Table on the Syntax of Tense and Aspect (2000 : Université de Paris)
Current studies in linguistics series ; 37.
Current studies in linguistics series ; 37

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Grammar, Comparative and general -- Temporal constructions.
Grammar, Comparative and general -- Syntax.
Any analysis of the syntax of time is based on a paradox: it must include a syntax-based theory of both tense construal and event construal. Yet while time is undimensional, events have a complex spatiotemporal structure that reflects their human participants. How can an event be flattened to fit into the linear time axis? Chomsky's The Minimalist Program, published in 1995, offers a way to address this problem. The studies collected in The Syntax of Time investigate whether problems concerning the construal of tense and aspect can be reduced to syntactic problems for which the basic mechanism and principles of generative grammar already provide solutions.
Chapter 1 On the Temporal Composition of Infinitives / Dorit Abusch 27
Chapter 2 Specification of Tense and Clause Linking: The Syntax of French and English Direct Quotations / Mario Barra-Jover 55
Chapter 3 On Aspect and Case: Investigating Romanian Nominalizations / Alexandra Cornilescu 75
Chapter 4 On the Logical Form of Imperfective Aspect / Denis Delfitto 115
Chapter 5 The Syntax of Time Adverbs / Hamida Demirdache, Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria 143
Chapter 6 French and Italian Conditionals: From Etymology to Representation / Yves D'hulst 181
Chapter 7 Rethinking Past Tense / Murvet Enc 203
Chapter 8 Bare Aspect: A Theory of Syntactic Projection / Nomi Erteschik-Shir, Tova Rapoport 217
Chapter 9 Temporal/Aspectual Interaction and Variation across Arabic Heights / Abdelkader Fassi Fehri 235
Chapter 10 On the Speaker's and the Subject's Temporal Representation: The Case of the Italian Imperfect / Alessandra Giorgi, Fabio Pianesi 259
Chapter 11 Tense Construal and the Argument Structure of Auxiliaries / Jacqueline Gueron 299
Chapter 12 The English Progressive / James Higginbotham 329
Chapter 13 Imperfect Modality / Michela Ippolito 359
Chapter 14 Telicity and the Meaning of Objective Case / Angelika Kratzer 389
Chapter 15 Romance "Aspectual" Periphrases: Eventuality Modification versus "Syntactic" Aspect / Brenda Laca 425
Chapter 16 Tense in Nominals / Jacqueline Lecarme 441
Chapter 17 The Semantic Determinants of Argument Expression: A View from the English Resultative Construction / Beth Levin, Malka Rappaport Hovav 477
Chapter 18 Tense, Case, and the Nature of Syntactic Categories / David Pesetsky, Esther Torrego 495
Chapter 19 Derived Accomplishments and Lexical Aspect / Susan Rothstein 539
Chapter 20 Sequence Phenomena and Double Access Readings Generalized: Two Remarks on Tense, Person, and Mood / Philippe Schlenker 555
Chapter 21 The Domain of Tense / Carlota S. Smith 597
Chapter 22 Tense and Modals / Tim Stowell 621
Chapter 23 Tense Construal in Complement Clauses: Verbs of Communication and the Double Access Reading / Karen Zagona 637.
"Updated versions of talks first presented at the International Round Table on the Syntax of Tense and Aspect in November 2000 at the Université Paris 7"--Pref.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Guéron, Jacqueline.
Lecarme, Jacqueline.