Zinc finger proteins : from atomic contact to cellular function / [edited by] Shiro Iuchi, Natalie Kuldell.

Georgetown, Tex. : Landes Bioscience/ ; New York : Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, c2005.
Molecular biology intelligence unit (Unnumbered)
Molecular biology intelligence unit
276 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 29 cm.
Zinc-finger proteins.
Medical subjects:
Zinc Fingers -- physiology.
The discovery of zinc fingers and their practical applications in gene regulation: a personal account / Aaron Klug
C₂H₂ zinc fingers as DNA binding domains / Shiro Iuchi
TFIIIA: a sophisticated zinc finger protein / Raymond S. Brown and Jane Flint
GAGA: structural basis for single Cys₂His₂ zinc finger-DNA interaction / G. Marius Clore and James G. Omichinski
The DNA-binding domain of GATA transcription factors
a prototypical Type IV Cys₂-Cys₂zinc finger / Angela M. Gronenborn
MutM: single C₂C₂zinc finger-DNA interaction / Ryoji Masui, Noriko Nakagawa, and Seiki Kuramitsu
Homing endonuclease I-TevI: an atypical zinc finger with a novel function / Patrick Van Roey, Marlene Belfort, and Victoria Derbyshire
Zinc finger interactions with metals and other small molecules / Jay S. Hanas, Jason L. Larabee, and James R. Hocker
Synthetic zinc finger transcription factors / Nicoletta Corbi, Valentina Libri, and Claudio Passananti
TFIIA and p43: binding to 5S ribosomal RNA / Paul J. Romaniuk
RNA binding by single zinc fingers / Martyn K. Darby
Wig-1, a p53-induced zinc finger protein that binds double stranded RNA / Cristina Mendez-Vidal ... [et al.].
Tandem CCCH zinc finger proteins in mRNA binding / Perry J. Blackshear, Ruth S. Phillips, and Wi S. Lai
Ribosomal zinc finger proteins: the structure and the function of yeast YL37a / John Dresios, Yuen-Ling Chan, and Ira G. Wool
LIM domain and its binding to target proteins / Algirdas Velyvis and Jun Qin
RING finger-B box-coiled coil (RBCC) proteins as ubiquitin ligase in the control of protein degradation and gene regulation / Kazuhiro Ikeda, Satoshi Inoue, and Masami Muramatsu
Structure and function of the CBP/p300 TAZ domains / Roberto N. De Guzman ... [et al.]
A zinc ribbon motif is essential for the formation of functional tetrameric protein kinase CK2 / Odile Filhol, Maria Jose Benitez, and Claude Cochet
The FYVE finger: a phosphoinositide binding domain / Harald Stenmark
The BTB domain zinc finger proteins / Gilbert G. Prive ... [et al.]
KRAB zinc finger proteins: a family of repressors mediating heterochromatin-associated gene silencing / Shiro Iuchi
The superfamily of SCAN domain containing zinc finger transcription factors / Tucker Collins and Tara L. Sander
Sp1 and Huntington's disease / Dimitri Krainc
The role of WT1 in development and disease / Sean Bong Lee, Hongjie Li, and Ho-Shik Kim
Yin Yang 1 / Huifei Liu and Yang Shi
The multiple cellular functions of TFIIIA / Natalie Kuldell
The role of the Ikaros gene family in lymphocyte development / Pablo Gómez-del Arco ... [et al.]
Basonuclin: a zinc finger protein of epithelial cells and reproductive germ cells / Howard Green and Hung Tseng
ZAS zinc finger proteins: the other kB-binding protein family / Carl E. Allen and Lai-Chu Wu
Role of GATA factors in development / Mark Haenlin and Lucas Waltzer
The androgen receptor and spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy / Federica Piccioni ... [et al.]
The role of XPA in DNA repair / Takahisa Ikegami and Masahiro Shirakawa
MOF, an acetyl transferase involved in dosage compensation in drosophila, uses a CCHC finger for substrate recognition / Asifa Akhtar and Peter B. Becker
MDM2: RING finger protein and regulator of p53 / Liqing Wu and Carl G. Maki
The Zip family of zinc transporters / David J. Eide
Apoptosis by zinc deficiency
Kirsteen H. Maclean.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Iuchi, Shiro.
Kuldell, Natalie.
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