The Hotei encyclopedia of Japanese woodblock prints / Amy Reigle Newland, general editor ; Julie Nelson Davis, Oikawa Shigeru, Ellis Tinios, Chris Uhlenbeck.

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Japanese woodblock prints
[Amsterdam] : Hotei Publishing, Amsterdam, 2005.
2 volumes (600 pages) : illustrations, map ; 30 cm
Wood-engraving, Japanese -- Encyclopedias.
Wood-engraving -- Printing -- Japan -- Encyclopedias.
Block printing -- Japan -- Encyclopedias.
Block printing.
Wood-engraving, Japanese.
Wood-engraving -- Printing.
Woodcuts (prints)
Reference works.
Reference works.
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Netherlands Amsterdam.
Volume 1. Historical perspectives. The Edo period, 1603-1868 / Harold Bolitho ; The Meiji to Taishō eras, 1868-1926 / Ann Waswo
The history of Japanese prints
The Edo period, 1603-1868. The roots of ukiyo-e: its beginnings to the mid-eighteenth century / Donald Jenkins ; Ukiyo-e book illustration / Yu-Ying Brown ; Shunga in the Edo period / Timon Screech ; The Kanbun Bijin: setting the stage for ukiyo-e bijinga / Kobayashi Tadashi ; Chinese woodblock prints and their influence on Japanese ukiyo-e / Hans Bjarne Thomsen ; The birth of the full-color print: Suzuki Harunobu and his age, early 1740s to early 1780s / David Waterhouse ; The Yoshiwara and ukiyo-e / Cecilia Segawa Seigle ; Mitate in ukiyo-e prints / Ellis Tinios ; Kabuki: its history as seen in ukiyo-e / Samuel L. Leiter ; Kitagawa Utamaro and his contemporaries, 1780-1804 / Julie Nelson Davis ; Sumo prints / Lawrence Bickford ; Kyōka and ukiyo-e print designers / John T. Carpenter ; The publisher Tsutaya Jūzaburō and ukiyo-e publishing / Suzuki Toshiyuki ; Ukiyo-e meisho-e / Gary Hickey ; Diversification and further popularization of the full-colour woodblock print, c. 1804-68 / Ellis Tinios ; Surimono / Roger S. Keyes ; Nagasaki-e / Martha Chaiklin ; Kamigata-e: the prints of Osaka and Kyoto / Kitagawa Hiroko ; Shini-e / Melinda Takeuchi ; Warrior prints of the first half of the nineteenth century and the Suikoden / B.W. Robinson
The Meiji era, 1868-1912. Woodblock prints of the Meiji era / Helen Merritt ; The maintenance of tradition in the face of contemporary demands: a reassessment of Meiji prints / Oikawa Shigeru ; Yokahama-e / Helen Merritt, Oikawa Shigeru ; Photography and ukiyo-e prints / Margarita Winkel ; Woodblock prints as a medium of reportage: the Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese Wars / Louise Virgin
The late Meiji to Taishō eras, 1900s to 1926. Prints and modernity: developments in the early twentieth century / Kendall Brown ; The publisher Watanabe Shōzoburō and the Shin-hanga movement: its beginnings until the 1930s / Abe Setsuko ; Creative print (Sōsaku-hanga) magazines / Chiaki Ajioka
Commerce and constraint in the world of publishing. The publishing trade / P.F. Kornicki ; Censorship and ukiyo-e prints / Sarah E. Thompson
Materials and techniques: issues of conservation and collecting. Materials and techniques / Shiho Sasaki ; The care of Japanese prints / Pauline Webber ; Collecting ukiyo-e prints: issues of quality, condition and rarity / Chris Uhlenbeck ; The original versus the genuine / Chris Uhlenbeck
The history of collecting Japanese prints. Ukiyo-e collecting in Japan / Oikawa Shigeru ; Japanese prints in Europe, 1860-1930 / Max Put ; Postwar ukiyo-e collecting in Europe / Robert Schaap ; Ukiyo-e print collecting in America / Julia Meech.
Volume 2. Reference section
Artist index
Lineage charts
Chronological/historical tables
Map of former Japanese provinces and the Gokaidō
Signature facsimiles
Censor seals
Publisher seals
Appendices. List of works released by Shin-hanga publisher Watanabe Shōzaburō ; Pre-nishiki-e and Nishiki-e formats ; Elements of a print
Concordance of artists' names (with Japanese characters).
Date of publication from title page verso.
"Hotei Publishing an imprint of KIT Publishers ... "; front left flap.
Includes bibliographical references (volume 2: pages 589-600) and index.
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Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the Alumni and Friends Memorial Book Fund.
RBC Kislak reference copy given in memory of Gilbert Luber by Shirley Luber.
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Luber, Shirley (donor) (bookplate)
Friends of Japanese House and Gardens (dedicatee)
Penn Chronology:
Newland, Amy Reigle, editor.
Davis, Julie Nelson, 1963-, editor.
Shigeru, Oikawa, editor.
Tinios, Ellis, editor.
Uhlenbeck, Chris, editor.
Hotei Publishing, publishers.
KIT Publishers, publishers.
Gilbert, Shirley, and Marilyn Luber Collection (University of Pennsylvania), donors.
Alumni and Friends Memorial Book Fund.
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