Encyclopedia of women and religion in North America / edited by Rosemary Skinner Keller and Rosemary Radford Ruether ; associate editor, Marie Cantlon.

Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2006.
3 v. (ix, 1394 p.) : ill. ; 29 cm.
Women and religion -- North America -- Encyclopedias.
Women -- Religious life -- North America -- Encyclopedias.
Women -- Religious aspects -- North America -- Encyclopedias.
Introduction: Integrating the worlds of women's religious experience in North America / Rosemary Skinner Keller and Rosemary Radford Ruether
pt. 1. Approaches to the history of women and religion. Women and religion: methods of study and reflection / Rita M. Gross
Religions and modern feminism / Ann Braude
Gender and social roles / Susan Hill Lindley
North American women interpret scripture / J. Shannon Clarkson and Letty M. Russell
Women's religious imagination / Mary Farrell Bednarowski
Social ethics, women, and religion / Marilyn J. Legge
The psychology of women's religious experience / Ann Belford Ulanov
Women's spiritual biography and autobiography / Rosemary Skinner Keller
pt. 2. Women in indigenous and African traditions. Native American creation stories / Laura Adams Weaver
Native American women and Christianity / Kim Stone
American Indian boarding schools / Andrea Smith
Appropriation of Native American religious traditions / Andrea Smith
Religious exchange in Aframerindian life / Patrick Neal Minges
Women in African Caribbean religious traditions / Dianne M. Stewart
pt. 3. Catholicism. Women in North American Catholicism / Rosemary Radford Ruether
Religious women in colonial Mexico / Kathleen Ann Myers
Godmothers and goddaughters: Catholic women in colonial New France and New England / Lisa J.M. Poirier
American Catholic women, 1820-1900: from the Jacksonian period to the progressive era / Holly Folk
African American Catholic women / Cecilia A. Moore
Latina popular Catholicism / Jeanette Rodriguez
Asian and Pacific American Catholic women / Jocelyn M. Eclarin Azada
American Catholic women, 1900-1965 / Debra Campbell
American Catholic women since Vatican Council II / Mary Jo Weaver
Determined builders, powerful voices: women and Catholicism in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Quebec and Canada / Carolyn Sharp
pt. 4. Protestantism. Colonial period. Women and Protestantism in colonial New England / Rebecca Larson
Protestant women in the Mid-Atlantic colonies / Alison Duncan Hirsch
Southern colonial Protestant women / Cynthia Lynn Lyerly
Protestantism in British North America (Canada) / Marilyn Färdig Whiteley
Denominational traditions. Women and African American denominations / Sandy Dwayne Martin
Women of Anabaptist traditions / Marlene Epp
Women in the American Episcopal Church / Fredrica Harris Thompsett
Women in the Anglican Church in Canada / Sharon Anne Cook
Baptist women / Carolyn D. Blevins
Christian Church/Disciples of Christ tradition and women / Loretta M. Long
Women and Lutheranism / Mary Todd
Methodist women / Jean Miller Schmidt and Sara J. Myers
Quaker women in North America / Mary Van Vleck Garman
Women in Reformed churches / Rebecca Button Prichard
Presbyterian women in America / Lois A. Boyd
Women in the United Church of Canada / Phyllis D. Airhart
Women in the United Church of Christ / Barbara Brown Zikmund
Women in the Unitarian Universalist movement / Cynthia Grant Tucker
Evangelical Protestantism. Women in Pentecostalism / Edith Blumhofer
Women in the Salvation Army / Diane Winston
Revivalism / Priscilla Pope-Levison
Holiness movements / Nancy A. Hardesty
Sanctified Church(es) / Cheryl Townsend Gilkes
Fundamentalism / Margaret L. Bendroth
America's evangelical women: more than wives and mothers: reformers, ministers, and leaders / Jane Harris
Charismatic movement / R. Marie Griffith
Euro-American evangelical feminism / Reta Halteman Finger and S. Sue Horner
Hispanic Protestantism. U.S. Latina evangélicas / Elizabeth Conde-Frazier and Loida I. Martell Otero
Race and gender in Latina experience / Teresa Chávez Sauceda
Hispanic Pentecostal women / Gastón Espinosa
Asian Protestantism. Asian Pacific American Protestant women / Rita Nakashima Brock and Nami Kim
pt. 5. Women in Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox traditions. Women in Orthodox Christian traditions / Demetra Velisarios Jaquet
Oriental Orthodox traditions and the Armenian Apostolic Church / Barbara J. Merguerian
An orthodox perspective on feminist theology / Valerie A. Karras
pt. 6. Judaism. Reform Judaism / Karla Goldman
Tradition and change: finding the right balance: Conservative and Reconstructionist Judaism / Shuly Rubin Schwartz
Orthodox Jewish women in America: diversity, challenges, and coming of age / Blu Greenberg
Jewish women and ritual / Hasia R. Diner
Jewish law and gender / Norma Baumel Joseph
Anti-Semitism / Riv-Ellen Prell
pt. 7. Islam. Islam, women, and the struggle for identity in North America / Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad
African American Muslim women / Aminah Beverly McCloud
Women, Islam, and mosques / Ingrid Mattson
Women's issues in American Islam / Jane I. Smith
pt. 8. Asian religions. Buddhism. Origins of Buddhism in North America / Lori Pierce
Women and Zen Buddhisms: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese / Miriam Levering and Grace Jill Schireson
The way of the elders: Theravada Buddhism, including the Vipassana movement / Sandy Boucher
Tibetan Buddhism / Amy Lavine
Hinduism. Hinduism in North America including emerging issues / Vasudha Narayanan
New Hindu movements / Kathleen M. Erndl
Chinese religions. Religions of Chinese immigrant communities and Chinese religions practiced in North America by non-Chinese people / Vivian-Lee Nyitray
Japanese religions. Religions of Japanese immigrants and Japanese American communities / Ruth M. Tabrah
Other religions. Women and Jainism in North America / Anne Vallely
Sikh women in North America / Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh
pt. 9. Newer religious movements. Women in communitarian societies / Rosemary Radford Ruether
Mormon women / Claudia L. Bushman
Women in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints / Rita M. Lester
Vodou, spiritism, and Santería: hybridity and identity in Caribbean religions / Carlos F. Cardoza-Orlandi
Christian Science / Sarah Gardner Cunningham
Clara Evans Muhammad: pioneering social activism in the original Nation of Islam / Debra Mubashir Majeed
Theosophy, New Thought, and New Age movements / Catherine Wessinger, Dell deChant, and William Michael Ashcraft
Spiritualism / Cathy Gutierrez
Women in the North American Baha'i community / Sandra Hutchinson and Richard Hollinger
Women in new religious movements since the 1960s / Susan J. Palmer
Women in Jewish renewal / Reena Sigman Friedman
Ancient matriarchies in nineteenth- and twentieth-century feminist thought / Cynthia Eller
Women in the Wiccan religion and contemporary paganism / Selena Fox
pt. 10. Multidenominational movements. The Deaconess movement / Cynthia A. Jurisson
Missionary movement. Protestant women missionaries: foreign and home / Dana L. Robert
American Catholic women missionaries: 1870-2000 / Angelyn Dries
Women's societies. Leadership and community building in Protestant women's organizations / Rosemary Skinner Keller
"Lifting as we climb": National Association of Colored Women (NACW) / National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) / Marcia Y. Riggs
Religious education. Women and catechetics in the Roman Catholic tradition / Mary L. Putrow
Catholic women's colleges in the United States / Tracy Schier
Conservative Christian strategies in education / James C. Carper and Brian D. Ray
Women and Jewish education / David E. Kaufman
Protestant Sunday schools and religious education / Virginia Lieson Brereton
Protestant women's colleges in the United States / Kathleen S. Hurty
Women in theological education / Jeanne P. McLean
When women enter the classroom: theory, theology, and teaching / Barbara J. Blodgett
The ordination movement. Protestant women's ordination movement / Barbara Brown Zikmund
The women's ordination movement in the Roman Catholic Church / Maureen Fiedler and Dolly Pomerleau
Jewish women's ordination / Pamela S. Nadell
Protestant female preaching in the United States / Catherine A. Brekus
Music and the arts. Women hymn writers / Edith Blumhofer
African American hymnody / Cheryl A. Kirk-Duggan
Women's novels and religion, 1780-1900 / Diane Capitani
Women, religion, and American film / Judith Weisenfeld
pt. 11. Women, religion, and social reform. Nineteenth- and twentieth-century Protestant social reform movements in the United States / Carolyn DeSwarte Gifford
Antislavery, abolitionism / Anna M. Speicher
Women and peace movements in North America / Valarie Ziegler
Settlement House movement / Eleanor J. Stebner
Social Gospel / Susan Hill Lindley
Women and Garveyism / Anthea D. Butler
Civil rights movement / Rosetta E. Ross
Engaged Buddhist women / Judith Simmer-Brown
Women's freedom and reproductive rights: the core fear of patriarchy / Frances Kissling
Ecofeminism / Heather Eaton
Jewish women's service organizations / Dianne Ashton
Abundant life for all: the Young Women's Christian Association / Janine M. Denomme
Women and religion in the borderlands / Daisy L. Machado
Turning off the taps: public policy in Canada / Lois M. Wilson
The public leadership of women of faith: entrepreneurs, social alchemists, and bearers of religion in the world / Katharine R. Henderson
pt. 12. Women-centered theology. Womanist theology / Emilie M. Townes
Euro-American feminist theology / Lucy Tatman
Las Hermanas: Latinas and religious / political activism / Lara Medina
Mujerista theology / Ada María Isasi-Díaz
Latina Roman Catholic theologies / Nancy Pineda-Madrid
Rebirth of the religion of the goddess / Carol P. Christ
Women's issues in contemporary North American Buddhism / Rita M. Gross
Lesbian and bisexual Issues in religion / Mary E. Hunt
Jewish feminism / Judith Plaskow
The case for native liberation theology / Andrea Smith
pt. 13. Contemporary women's issues in religion. Women-church / Mary E. Hunt
New feminist ritual / Janet Walton
Women and healing in North America / Susan M. Setta
Women in Protestant church societies and bureaucracies / Susan M. Hartmann
Plural religious identities and households / Rita DasGupta Sherma
Women's contributions to Jewish-Christian relations / Mary C. Boys
Canadian women's religious issues / Tracy J. Trothen
Inclusive language / Susan Thistlewaite
New religious right / Laura R. Olson
Sexuality and the Black church / Kelly Brown Douglas
Girlfriend theology: adolescent girls and faith communities / Dori Grinenko Baker.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Cantlon, Marie.
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