Proceedings of the 10th Meeting of Hamito-Semitic (Afroasiatic) Linguistics (Florence, 18-20 April 2001) / edited by Pelio Fronzaroli and Paolo Marrassini.

Firenze : Dipartimento di Linguistica, Universita di Firenze, 2005.
Conference Name:
International Congress on Hamito-Semitic Linguistics (10th : 2001 : Florence, Italy)
Quaderni di semitistica, 1724-8213 ; 25
xviii, 427 p. : some tab. ; 24 cm.
Afroasiatic languages -- Congresses.
English, French and Italian.
Florence: the Orient connection / P. Marrassini
Les mutations de systèmes en chamito-sémitique / D. Cohen
Emphatic and plain voiceless consonants in Hamito-Semitic in the light of internal and external comparative evidence / A. Dolgopolsky
Toward common Afrasian faunal lexicon / L. Kogan, A. Militarev
Chadic *n, *r, *l and their correspondences in Semitic and Kushitic / O. Stolbova
Problems of Afro-Asiatic historical phonology: ancient remnants of sibilant affricates in South Cushitic and Chadic / G. Takács
The oldest periphrastic conjugations of Hamito-semitic / A. Zaborski
Les phases du phénicien: pnénicien et punique / M.G. Amadasi Guzzo
Some comparative remarks about the Hebrew stative / F. Aspesi
Some remarks on the classification of ancient South Arabian languages / A. Avanzini
On isoglosses of Arabic loans in some west African languages / S. Baldi
Traditions onomastiques sémitiques dans la documentation du IIIe millénaire / A. Catagnoti
Structures linguistiques et histoire des langues au IIIe millénaire av. J.-C. / P. Fronzaroli
Word-structure, morphological analysis, the Semitic languages and beyond / G. Goldenberg
Ethiopian Semitic nonpast C2 length / G. Hudson
Ancient South Arabian documentation and the reconstruction of Semitic / G. Mazzini
Neo-Aramaic and the so-called "decay of ergativity" in Kurdish / A. Mengozzi
Peculiarità linguistiche in una coppa magica aramaica inedita / M. Moriggi
Innovazione e continuità nel lessico dell'artigianato nella Siria del III millennio a. C. / J. Pasquali
A project for the publication and lexicographic study of Christian neo-Aramaic texts / F.A. Pennacchietti, E. Braida, S. Destefanis, A. Mengozzi, R. Saccagno
Le système prépositionnel de l'éblaïte / M. V. Tonietti
The focus system in Cushitic languages: a comparative-typological analysis / M. Frascarelli, A. Puglielli
The syntax of synthetic verbal forms in Ethio-Semitic as compared with Cushitic / O. Kapeliuk
Voyelles et accents dans l'histoire du berbère / V. Brugnatelli
On the assumed ergativity of the Berber language(s) / H. Satzinger
Le problème des verbes dérivés en berbère et l'exemple du zénaga / C. Taine-Cheikh
Prefix and suffix conjugation in Chadic / H. Jungraithmayr.
Includes bibliographical references.
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Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the George Clapp Vaillant Book Fund.
Fronzaroli, Pelio.
Marrassini, Paolo.
George Clapp Vaillant Book Fund.
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