Correspondence with Alma Mahler, 1954, 1962.

Zillig, Winfried, 1905-1963.
1954, 1962.
3 items (6 leaves).
In German.
Zillig had been a student of Arnold Schoenberg. In the item of 1954 Zillig indicates that he had received a telegram from Alma Mahler (apparently concerning the eighth symphony) which he had read aloud to all his colleagues at a rehearsal just before the performance. In Alma's letter of 1962 she implies that she had never met Zillig in person.
1 item from Zillig concerns the performance he conducted of Mahler's eighth symphony in Munich in 1954. The other 2 items mainly concern the score for Mahler's tenth symphony, as published by Associated Music Publishers. As Zillig was preparing to perform the tenth symphony in Frankfurt in 1962, he examined the score and was of the opinion that it contained editing errors; he sought Alma Mahler's permission to undertake a new editing and restoration from the original manuscript. The draft item from Alma Mahler is a response to that letter.
Includes a draft of 1 letter from Alma Mahler.
Contained In:
Mahler-Werfel Papers. Folder 1400.
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