Correspondence with Alma Mahler and Franz Werfel, 1937-1961.

Zsolnay, Paul von, 1895-.
31 items (39 leaves).
In German and English.
Paul Zsolnay (1895-1961) founded Paul Zsolnay Verlag in Vienna in 1923-1924; Franz Werfel's novel Verdi was the company's first publication, and Zsolnay remained Werfel's publisher until the Anschluss, in 1938, at which point they fell out of contact, and Werfel entered into a new publishing relationship with Gottfried Bermann Fischer. Before the founding of the publishing company, Zsolnay had been friends with members of Alma Mahler's family (Carl and Anna Moll, and Maria Eberstaller); and Alma was also acquainted with Paul's mother, Amanda ("Andy") Zsolnay. Paul Zsolnay married Alma's daughter Anna in 1929; they had a daughter, Alma Zsolnay, who remained with Paul after he and Anna divorced in 1935. Zsolnay emigrated to England in 1938, and was a partner in the founding of the publishing company Heinemann & Zsolnay in London. He maintained a friendship with Alma and Franz through the subsequent years, and would also discuss publishing matters with them. Zsolnay returned to Vienna after the war, in 1946, and reestablished Paul Zsolnay Verlag.
Topics of the correspondence include: Zsolnay's relocation to England and his publishing relationships there; Werfel's novel The Song of Bernadette and Zsolnay's interest in his new company's taking on the English rights; perceptions of the war; news about the health, schooling, and activities of Alma Zsolnay, and responses to Alma Mahler's gifts for her granddaughter, and offers of assistance; Zsolnay's responses to Werfel's works and his regard for Werfel as an author; the question of Zsolnay's retention of rights over the earlier works by Werfel which he had published; his bringing out of works by Werfel in translation; the death of Werfel and, later, of Andy Zsolnay; and Paul Zsolnay's response (in Aug. 1947) to his reading of the original manuscript of Alma Mahler's memoir, as well as, later, his comments on the published English version, And the Bridge Is Love. Included is the announcement sent out by Paul Zsolnay's family upon his death, in 1961. For correspondence of Paul Zsolnay with Franz Werfel and Alma Mahler concerning matters more directly related to Zsolnay's publishing relationship with Werfel (especially in the period 1923 to 1938), see under: Paul Zsolnay Verlag.
Includes a typed copy of 1 letter from Franz Werfel; and 1 postscript from Amanda Zsolnay.
Zsolnay, Amanda von, d. 1956.
Contained In:
Mahler-Werfel Papers. Folder 1405.
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