Correspondence to Alma Mahler and Franz Werfel, 1930-1945.

Zuckerkandl, Bertha, 1864-1945.
21 items (34 leaves).
In German and English.
Bertha (Berta) Zuckerkandl (née Szeps) was the widow of the anatomist Emil Zuckerkandl (1849-1910). Her sister Sofie was married to Paul Clemenceau, the brother of the French statesman Georges Clemenceau (1841-1929). Alma Mahler was acquainted with Zuckerkandl since her youth in Vienna, and they became close friends. In her memoir Mein Leben, Alma mentions Zuckerkandl several times and gives an excerpt from an article Zuckerkandl published about Franz Werfel in 1918. In 1938 Zuckerkandl emigrated to France, where she had contact with Alma and Franz, during the time they spent in Paris; as evidenced in her letters, Zuckerkandl emigrated to Algeria in 1939 or 1940 and remained there until almost the end of her life (in the fall of 1945 she traveled to Paris for medical treatment and died there several weeks later). Zuckerkandl lived in Algeria with her son, Fritz Zuckerkandl, a pharmaceutical chemist; and his wife, Gertrud ("Trude") Zuckerkandl-Stekel, who was an artist; and their son (Berta's grandson), Emil Zuckerkandl, who during that time served as a soldier, was also a published writer in French, and did translations from German to French.
Zuckerkandl's letters reflect on her life experience as well as political and cultural developments. Topics that arise include: her attempts to assist the physician Max Gerson in 1933, after he had fled Germany and was seeking to establish himself in Vienna; cultural exchange between France and Austria in the mid-1930s (in which Bertha envisioned an active role for herself and Alma); Berta's exile experience in Algeria, including her struggle to survive financially, and her unsuccessful efforts to emigrate from there to the U.S. (Frederike Zweig tried to assist her); frequent news about family members (Fritz, Trude and Emil); and mentions of her writing (a memoir about Austria, a book on Clemenceau, and journalistic work in French). Only 1 item is addressed to Werfel; it concerns Zuckerkandl's book about Austria and her hopes for its publication. Several items contain references to Andé Gide, with whom Zuckerkandl was acquainted. Included is a photocopy of a photograph of Zuckerkandl, from around 1930 (for the original, see Photographs). For other correspondence containing references to Bertha Zuckerkandl, see under: Ullmann, Ludwig, 1887-, and Eisenmenger, Anna.
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Mahler-Werfel Papers. Folder 1406.
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