From Beaufort to Bjerknes and beyond : critical perspectives on observing, analyzing, and predicting weather and climate : a collection of nineteen essays evolving from a conference of the International Commission on History of Meteorology (ICHM) held in the Baroque Library of Kloster Polling, Germany, July 5-10, 2004 / edited by Stefan Emeis and Cornelia Lüdecke.

Augsburg : Rauner, 2005.
256 p. : ill., maps ; 21 cm.
Algorismus ; Heft 52

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Meteorology -- History -- Congresses.
Climatology -- History -- Congresses.
Polling and the academy : an 18th century competence centre : opening address / Heinrich Nöth
Climate dynamics, science dynamics, and technological dynamics 1804-2004 / James R. Fleming
The discovery of latent heat 250 years ago / Stefan Emeis
Joseph Stepling and windstorms in Europe from 17-19 February 1756 / Jan Munzar
The Societas Meterologica Palatina (1780-1795) and the very first beginnings of Hohenpeissenberg Observatory / Klaus Wege and Peter Winkler
Early observations of and knowledge on air electricity and magnetism at Hohenpeissenberg during the Palatina era / Peter Winkler
Astrometeorological weather prediction at the time of the Societas Meterologica Palatina / Cornelia Lüdecke
Karl Ernst von Baer and the development of meteorology in Russia / Erki Tammiksaar
The dialectic of the atmosphere : Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in context / Bernhard Fritscher
Influence of weather and climate on fisheries : overview of the early history of the problem, 1850s-1950s / Julia A. Lajus
Reconstructing the climate of the nineteenth-century East Asia from the perspective of the history of science / Togo Tsukahara
The observation of the atmosphere in Tenerife Island during the last centuries and the mountain observatory in Izaña / Fernando de Ory and Manuel Palomares
Felix Exner and the probablistic turn in Austria meteorology / Deborah R. Coen
Nice weather, meteors at the end of the day / Christina H. Barboza
Hann's thermodynamic foehn theory and its presentation in meteorological textbooks in the course of time / Petra Seibert
How lecture notes reflect the states of science and of technology : from Vilhelm Bjerknes' type-scripts of 1914-17 to pdf-files in 2004 / Hans Volkert, Michael Börngen and Ludwig A. Weickmann
Bjerknes : like father, like son / Doria B. Grimes
Bergen south : the Americanization of the meteorology profession in Latin America during World War II / Gregory T. Cushman
The role of weather flights in the history of meteorology / John A. Kington
Weather, finance and meteorology : forecasting and derivatives / Samuel C. Randalls.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Emeis, Stefan.
Lüdecke, Cornelia.
International Commission on History of Meteorology.
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