Kurt Stein collection of Francis Johnson sheet music.

42 items
Piano music, Arranged.
Songs with piano.
Marches (Piano), Arranged.
Popular instrumental music -- To 1901.
Popular music -- To 1901.
Music by African American composers.
1. The American girl
2. Bingham's cotillion
3. The star spangled banner : a new set of cotillons [sic]
4. The bugle quick-step (leaf from a collection)
5. The bugle quick-step
6. Johnson's march in the Catarct [sic] of the Ganges
7. Grand quick-step / by Lyander W. Webb
8. A collection of new cotillions [setts 3d and 4th]
9. fragment of A collection of new cotillions [5th and 6th sett]
10. Sam of Tennessee and Dandy Jim of Caroline / arr. by F. Johnson
11. Washington Grays Kent bugle slow march and quick-step
12. General R. Patterson ... his grand march & quick-step
13. The State Fencibles Captain Page Kent bugle quick-step
14. The Irish Volunteers parade march and quick-step
15. If sleeping now fair maid of love
16. Fashionable London polka waltz : as performed by F. Johnson's band
17. Fashionable London polka waltz / by A.J.R. Conner c1845
18. Marian
19. Parade march c1829
20. Johnson's celebrated and much admired Voice quadrilles c1840
21. Philadelphia firemen's cotillion
22. A place in they memory dearest
23. Phoenix polka : as performed by Johnson's Brass Band c1849
24. Deux quadrilles de contredanses
25. Recognition march of the independence of Hayti
26. Boone Infantry brass band quick step c1844
27. Johnson's celebrated Victoria gallop c1839
28. Johnson's celebrated Victoria gallop 3. ed.
29. The favourite extravaganza Miss Lucy Long c1842
30. Capt. J. Mountfort's Kent bugle slow march
31. Rory O'Moore ... : as performed by Frank Johnson
32. The death of Willis
33. Colonel C.G. Childs' parade march c1826
34. Buffalo City Guards parade march
35. The American boy
36. Philadelphia Assembly's grand polka : as performed by the late Fr. Johnson's band ... / by E.D. Roland
37. Col. S.B. Grant's parade march c1839
38. Third Company of Washington Guards Kent bugle quick march
39. A new Spanish dance
40. Philadelphia Grays quick step (Fiot)
41. Philadelphia Grays quick step (Fiot, Meignen)
42. Three favorite setts of quadrilles.
Music composed by Frank Johnson or performed by his band.
Marches, quicksteps, sets of cotillions, quadrilles, polkas and songs.
Arranged for piano.
Local notes:
Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the Rosengarten Family Fund.
Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the Savoy Company's Alfred Reginald Allen Memorial Fund.
Penn Provenance:
Stein, Kurt
Penn Chronology:
Stein, Kurt, 1918-2002.
Johnson, Francis, 1792-1844.
Kurt Stein collection of Francis Johnson sheet music.
Savoy Company's Alfred Reginald Allen Memorial Fund.
Rosengarten Family Fund.
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