[Masoretic lists of unique Biblical vocalizations] : manuscript.

[Orient, 11th century-12th century?]
1 fol. : complete; damaged, fading.
Paper 20 X 17.8 cm material applied: black ink ruling method: columns: 2 lines: 22.
Bible. O.T.. -- Language, style -- Early works to 1800.
Hebrew language, Biblical -- Vocalization -- Early works to 1800.
Hebrew language -- Accents and accentuation -- Early works to 1800.
Hebrew. Hebrew Oriental square.
The function of these lists is similar to that of the Masorah Magna found in the margins of Masoretic codices, to regulate biblical orthography and vocalization, by listing the groups of words with unique characteristics.
In this fragment, the lists are presented in two parallel forms, the brief, one-word form, in which the verse is alluded to by a keyword, and in the opposite column, the same verse alluded to be a key phrase.
This fragment contains 5 such lists: the 11 verses in Psalms that include the word ממנו as opposed to ממני which is the general rule. 5 verses in which ממנו is expected, yet read ממנה; all 4 verses (excluding Chronicles)where the מ in ויעמד is vocalized with a tsere, and the 7 verses in Chronicles where it is a ḥolam.
of מן בני (as opposed to the norm מבני), and conversely the 7 verses in Chronicles that read מבני (as opposed to the norm there מן בני).
18 verses with a particular vocalization of כלי (single), compare to the list published by Breuer: ha-Masorah ha-gedolah la-Torah / Mordechai Breuer [ed.]. New York : Keren Menasheh Refaʾel ṿe-Śarah Lehman 1992, pp. 472 and 735; 9 verses with a defective vocalization of משפחת (plural), compare with the list published by Y. Ofer: ha-Masorah ha-Bavlit la-Torah, ʻeḳronoteha u-derakheha / me-et Yosef ʻOfer. Jerusalem : ha-Aḳademyah la-lashon ha-ʻIvrit, Hotsaʾat sefarim ʻ Y.L. Magnes, 2001, p. 384.
Forms part of: Cairo Genizah Collection
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Cairo Genizah Collection (University of Pennsylvania. Center for Advanced Judaic Studies. Library).
Cairo Genizah Collection (Dropsie College. Library).
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Halper, no. 69
IMHM, no. F38399
Cairo Genizah Collection (University of Pennsylvania. Center for Advanced Judaic Studies. Library).
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Cairo Genizah Collection
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