[Haggadah, end portion, Erets-Yiśraʾel rite] : manuscript.

Standardized Title:
Hallel. Selections.
Other Title:
Last part of prayer-book with instructions in Judeo-Arabic
[Orient, 1000-1050?]
1 fol. : complete.
Parchment 13 X 15.5 cm material applied: black ink ruling method: columns: 1 lines: (recto), (verso).
Maḥzor. Passover.
Passover -- Customs and practices -- Early works to 1800.
Judaism -- Palestinian rite -- Liturgy -- Texts.
Passover -- Liturgy -- Texts.
Hebrew, Aramaic, and Judeo-Arabic. Hebrew Oriental square vocalization (superlinear).
The last folio of a Haggadah (Halper calls it a prayer-book) with instructions (and notes) in Judeo-Arabic, and a contracted text.
The folio starts with an allusion to the post-meal Hallel (only the first and last phrases are copied), followed by instructions on the final cup of wine and the prohibition to eat or drink afterwards, anything but water, similar to Sidur Rav Seʹadyah Gaʾon / Israel Davidson [ed.]. Jerusalem : Meḳitse nirdamim, 1963, p. 149 ll. 23-24.
It concludes with the dedicationכמל אלסידור בעון אלרחמן וקותה לאפרים בן שמריה followed by blessings and wishes. The verso has an additional dedication.
Dedication inscription, in Hebrew, is partially vocalized with superlinear vowel points
The patron or owner of this copy, is probably Ephraim ben Shemaryah of ʻAzza, leader of the Jerusalemite community of Fustat, throughout the first half of the eleventh century, who is mentioned in, or authored, scores of Genizah documents.
See Moshe Gil: Erets Yiśraʾel bi-teḳufah ha-Muslamit ha-rishonah / Moshe Gil. Tel Aviv : Tel Aviv University, 1983, vol. I pp. 477- 484; Elinoar Bareket, Shafrir Mitsrayim / Elinoar Bareket. Tel Aviv : University of Tel Aviv, 1995, p. 100-121 (Fustat on the Nile, Leiden, 1999, p. 160). His scribe, Japheth ben David, may have written this Siddur (see below, 366).
Forms part of: Cairo Genizah Collection.
Penn Provenance:
Cairo Genizah Collection (University of Pennsylvania. Center for Advanced Judaic Studies. Library).
Cairo Genizah Collection (Dropsie College. Library).
Cited in:
Halper, no. 183
IMHM, no. F38399
Efraim ben Shemarya, ca. 980-ca. 1060. , Patron
Yefet ben Daṿid, d. 1057. , Scribe
Cairo Genizah Collection (University of Pennsylvania. Center for Advanced Judaic Studies. Library).
Maḥzor. Passover. Selections.
Contained In:
Cairo Genizah Collection
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