[Court document] : manuscript.

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Official court document
[Alexandria, April 23, 1164]
1 fol. : damaged, loss in upper left corner; verso is blank.
Paper 25.4 X 16.4 cmm material applied: black ink ruling method: columns: lines: 29.
Abu ʻAmar Seʹadyah, ha-Leṿi.
Abu Natser Shemuʹel, ha-Leṿi.
Ḥalfon ben ʹal-Damyaṭi.
Court records.
Silk industry -- Egypt -- History -- To 1500.
Jewish law.
Judeo-Arabic and Hebrew. Hebrew Oriental semi-square.
A document in Judeo-Arabic and legal Hebrew, issued under the authority of Samuel (ben Ḥananyah) ha-Nagid. Documents referring to him as the Nagid date between 1140-1159.
The signatures are Yaḥiyah ben Elijah (autograph) and Elʻazar ben Abraham (autograph), whose handwriting is similar to that in the document and he might have written it. Elʻazar signs his autograph on a Ketubah issued under the authority of Matsliaḥ ha-kohen Gaon in 1134, found in Oxford Heb. b. 12 (Cowely 2875) fol. 1.
Abu Nasr Samuel ha-Levi b. Isaac sold local, Egyptian silk (l. 2 אלבלדי), which had been deposited by his uncle Ḥalfon ha-Levi ben [Nethanel] al-Dimyati with Abu ʻAmr Saʻadia ha-Levi b. Yakhin ("n" in small piece next to l. 4) as a pledge on a loan by Ḥalfon's late brother Eli . Saʻadia acquits Eli's sons of the debt of 25 dinar, paid for from part of the proceeds of the sale. The signatories confirm that the sale had been conducted properly.
Forms part of: Cairo Genizah Collection.
Penn Provenance:
Cairo Genizah Collection (University of Pennsylvania. Center for Advanced Judaic Studies. Library).
Cairo Genizah Collection (Dropsie College. Library).
Cited in:
Halper, no. 344
IMHM, no. F38400
Samuel ben Hananiah, 12th cent.
Elʻazar ben Avraham, active 12th century , Witness, Scribe
Yeḥiyah ben Eliyah, 12th cent. , Witness
Cairo Genizah Collection (University of Pennsylvania. Center for Advanced Judaic Studies. Library).
Contained In:
Cairo Genizah Collection
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