[Business letter to Nahrai ben Nissim] : manuscript.

Mardukh ben Musi.
[Orient, 21 July, 1046]
1 fol. : complete; folded in mail format; marginalia on recto.
Paper 13.5 X 17 cm material applied: black ink ruling method: in mail format columns: 1 lines: 15 (recto), 7 (verso).
Nahray ben Nissim, 1025-1097 -- Correspondence.
Mardukh ben Musi -- Correspondence.
Commercial correspondence, Judeo-Arabic.
Cotton trade -- Egypt -- History -- To 1500.
Judeo-Arabic. Hebrew Oriental semi-cursive.
Signature and address appear in 3 lines at bottom of verso.
A hastily written letter, about a shipment of sacks, and difficulty in selling cotton.
The addressee is the recipient of hundreds of Genizah letters, analyzed in the doctoral dissertation of Murad A. Michael: Arkiyono shel Nehorai ben Nissim, baʹal ʹasaḳim be-Mitsrayim be-meʹah ha-aḥat ʹeśreh [The archives of Ben Nissim, a businessman in 11th century Egypt], Jerusalem 1963. Another letter from the same Marduk to Nissim is found below no. 390.
The writing here is more cursive. Letters from Marduk ben Moses were collected by Gil, ibid. nos. 526-541, pp. 757-805, all but two of these are addressed to Nahray.
Forms part of: Cairo Genizah Collection.
Penn Provenance:
Cairo Genizah Collection (University of Pennsylvania. Center for Advanced Judaic Studies. Library).
Cairo Genizah Collection (Dropsie College. Library).
Cited in:
Halper, no. 385
IMHM, no. F38400
Publications about:
Published, with translation and notes, by M. Gil, Be-Malkhut Yishmaʹel bi-teḳufat ha-geʾonin / Moshe Gil. Tel Aviv : University of Tel Aviv, 1997 vol. III pp. 769-771, no. 531. See also the description in Goitein, A Mediterranean Society vol. IV p. 404.
Cairo Genizah Collection (University of Pennsylvania. Center for Advanced Judaic Studies. Library).
Contained In:
Cairo Genizah Collection
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