The Babylonian Talmud [electronic resource] : a translation and commentary / Jacob Neusner.

Neusner, Jacob, 1932-2016.
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Talmud of Babylonia
Peabody, Mass : Hendrickson Publishers, c2005.
1 CD-ROM ; 4 3/4 in.
Talmud -- Commentaries.
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"Contains the full text of all 37 Talmudic tractates plus introductions and commentary in searchable PDF format; PDF format allows multi-volume searches and commenting; Adobe Acrobat Reader included."--Publisher's website.
v. 1. Tractate Berakhot
v. 2. Tractate Shabbat
v. 3. Tractate ʻErubin
v. 4. Tractate Pesahim
v. 5. Tractate Yoma, Tractate Sukkah
v. 6. Tractate Besah, Tractate Rosh hashanah
v. 7. Tractate Taʻanit, Tractate Megillah, Tractate Moʻed katan, Tractate Hagigah
v. 8. Tractate Yebamot
v. 9. Tractate Ketubot
v. 10. Tractate Nedarim, Tractate Nazir
v. 11. Tractate Sotah, Tractate Gittin
v. 12. Tractate Qiddushin
v. 13. Tractate Baba qamma
v. 14. Tractate Baba mesiʻa
v. 15. Tractate Baba batra
v. 16. Tractate Sanhedrin
v. 17. Tractate Makkot, Tractate ʻAbodah zarah, Tractate Horayot
v. 18. Tractate Shebuʻot, Tractate Zebahim
v. 19. Tractate Menahot
v. 20. Tractate Hullin
v. 21. Tractate Bekhorot, Tractate ʻArakhin, Tractate Temurah
v. 22. Tractate Keritot, Tractate Meʻilah, Tractate Tamid, Tractate Niddah.
"The Babylonian Talmud : a translation and commentary, by Jacob Neusner, reproduces the complete text of his thirty-six volume edition originally published as The Talmud of Babylonia : an academic commentary, in the University of South Florida Academic Commentary Series (1994-1999)."
Includes bibliographical references.
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Publisher supplied this CD-ROM with the print version of this work. The print version has been cataloged separately by Univ. of Penna.
Talmud. English. 2005.
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