Folktales of the Jews / edited and with commentary by Dan Ben-Amos ; Dov Noy, consulting editor ; Ellen Frankel, series editor ; translated by Leonard J. Schramm ; illustrations by Ira Shander.

1st ed.
Philadelphia : Jewish Publication Society, 2006-2011.
3 volumes : illustrations, map ; 24 cm
Jews -- Folklore.
Jewish legends.
Jewish legends -- History and criticism.
Tales -- History and criticism.
Sephardim -- Folklore.
Criticism, interpretation, etc.
25. Rabbi Jacob the storyteller ; or the Power of repentance
26. The immigration pangs of Rabbi Chilibon Franco of Rhodes
27. How the new immigrant Doychon Torres got rid of the cheese he brought with him without a Kashrut Certificate
Moral tales
28. God loves the heart
29. The honest merchant
30. The rich man who avoided giving charity but later mended his ways
31. The pregnant king
32. The rich man and his two sons
33. Noah's daughter
34. The angel who descended to put the world in order
35. Satan's sons
36. The astrologer-King and the Rabbi
37. A bear makes a poor musician rich but is insulted by the musician's wife
38. An old man's advice makes a poor man rich
39. Half a friend
40. The man who knew all about animals, diamonds, and people's character
41. This, too, shall pass
42. Letters form the angel of death
43. There is no escaping heaven's decree
44. What heaven ordains must surely take place
45. The Rabbi's son and the King's daughter
46. The King's wise daughter
47. The trained cat and the Rabbi's wise daughter.
48. The Rabbi's son and the priest
49. King Abdul-Aziz, the Jewish builder, and the wicked painter
50. The miracle of Tu bʼShevat
51. The old woman and the wind
52. King Solomon's judgment
53. Anything to find favor with a woman
54. King Solomon, his Ethiopian wife, and her lover
55. The miser Mohel and the demon
56. The miraculous circumcision
57. The disciples' envy of the Rabbi's son
Humorous tales
58. The story of the Baklava
59. A porter saves Maimonides' life
60. Blinder than a blind man
A general note on the tales of Djuha
61. Djuha helps his mother
62. Djuha's face
63. Why Djuha never got married
64. Djuha plays dead
65. Camel seeds
66. Djuha counts the donkeys
67. Djuha and the mules
68. A recipe for fish
69. A fair division
70. A bad man's desserts
71. The Rabbi and the priest
Motif indexes
Tale type indexes
General index.
v. 2. Tales from Eastern Europe
Introduction to Volume 2
A note on the commentaries
Tales of the supernatural
1. The three-day fair in Balta
2. The Kaddish
3. The house vanished with all its inhabitants
4. The Rabbi who was tricked
5. The demons and spirits under the fingernails
6. The treasure
7. The bottle of oil from the Holy Land
Hasidic tales
8. Rebbe Shmelke's matzos
9. The unforgotten melody
10. The power of a melody
11. The happy man
12. How Rothschild became wealthy
13. Why Rebbe Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev deviated from his custom
14. The blessing of Elijah the Prophet on Yom Kippur
15. Rebbe Pinhasʼl of Korets
16. The Karliner Rebbe's prescription
17. The merit of the third sabbath meal
18. The apostate who made the tenth for a Minyan
Holocaust tales
19. The fireflies on Rosh Hashanah night in Lodz Ghetto
20. The miracle of the white doves
Historical tales
21. The exodus on Purim in the town of Yampol
22. What really caused World War I
Tales between Jews and non-Jews
23. The Shofar of the Messiah
24. The redemption of captives.
25. The long "Had Gadya"
26. The two friends
27. The Gentile beggar's secret
28. The boy who was kidnapped and brought to Russia
29. The Jew who returned to his people
30. The boots made from a Torah Scroll
31. The Gentile who wanted to screw the Jew
Moral tales
32. The old couple and their children
33. With the Rebbe's power
34. Gossip is worse than profaning the Sabbath
35. The tailor who was content with his lot
36. A poor man's wisdom is scorned
37. A change of place is a change of luck
38. God will help
39. The poisoned cake
40. There is no truth in the world
41. Everyone prefers his own bundle of troubles
42. Reb Zusha the shoemaker
43. "As face answers to face in water"
44. Who has the right to benefit from the Ten Commandments?
45. The neighbor in paradise
46. A trial in heaven
47. White flowers, red flowers.
48. The King's three daughters
49. A boy and girl who were destined for each other
50. The three young men
51. The poor man who became rich
52. The stolen ring
53. The money hidden in the cemetery
54. Catch the thief ; or Don't put too much trust in a pious person
Humorous tales
55. I came from Mád and returned to Mád
56. The Jewish innkeeper
57. Little fish, big fish
58. Three complaints
59. The elderly cantor
60. What kind of congregants I've got!
61. What kind of Rabbi we've got in this town!
62. Half is mine and half is yours
63. A visit by Elijah the Prophet
64. The emissary from the world to come
65. Froyim Greidinger revives the dead
66. The death of a wicked heretic
67. Who had it better?
68. The Shammes who became a millionaire
69. I have no place to rest
70. Stalin tests his "friends"
71. Communism and religion
Motif indexes
Tale type indexes
General index.
v. 3. Tales from Arab lands
Introduction to Volume 3
A note on the commentaries
1. The tenth man in Hebron
2. Reciting Psalms
3. The blood libel in Constantinople in the time of Rabbi Israel Ba'al Shem Tov of blessed memory
4. Rabbi Ḥayyim ben Attar and the Ba'al Shem Tov
5. Rabbi Ḥayyim Vital
6. Rabbi David Alshqar knows the time of his death
7. Rabbi Shelomoh the Lion
8. Shalom [Shalem] Shabazi as a healer
9. You shall not destroy the side-growth of your beard
10. The miracle at the tomb of Sidu Bu-'Aissa U-Sliman, who was a Jew
11. The Holy Book
12. The Ba'al Shem Tov drags Jesus and Mary down from a picture
13. The Menorah of Jerba
14. The miracle of the myrtle
15. The Jewish fisherman's song of the sea.
Moral tales
16. The field that the lion entered
17. Three old brothers solve a problem
18. The cobbler and the king
19. One should always be happy with his lot
20. Rabbi Shalem [Shalom] Shabazi and the Yemenite Imam
21. King Solomon and the craftsman's wife
22. Remember days of old!
23. The complacent wife
24. Seven daughters and seven sons
25. Fertility and changing place bring luck
26. Observing the Sabbath
27. It pays to love God
28. The resurrected dead man (righteousness saves from death)
29. Charity begins at home
30. Two loyal friends
31. He who finds a wife has found happiness
32. Elijah the prophet saves a Jewish family from destruction.
33. The cruel loaner and the clever princess
34. Three questions
35. The fateful debate
36. They did not ask him to ask the fish for anything
37. Where is God's place in Israel?
38. The Rabbi's daughter and the miraculous child
39. A story of a prince and a princess
40. Smeda Rmeda
41. The rich man who wanted to marry his daughter
42. A woman of valor who can find? (The entrapped lovers)
43. The man who never took an oath
44. The apple tree's daughter
45. The poor fisherman
46. The "faithful" widow
47. The poor Jew who went looking for his fortune
48. Go to the cemetery
49. The woman is the cause of everything
50. The man who searched for his luck
51. The blessed one, or the lucky youth
52. Two brothers
53. The clever brother
54. The poor man who set out to earn a living (Elijah the prophet)
55. A daughter awaits a gift from God
56. A story of a brave son
57. King Solomon
58. The partnership with Ashmedai
Humorous tales
59. Cows do not believe foals
60. Abu Katerina
Motif indexes
Tale type indexes
General index.
Map on lining papers.
"Tales selected from the Israel Folktale Archives named in honor of Dov Noy."
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
National Jewish Book Awards - Sephardic Culture, Winner, 2006 (v.1)
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Ben-Amos, Dan.
Noy, Dov.
Frankel, Ellen.
Arkhiyon ha-sipur ha-ʻamami be-Yiśraʼel (Haifa, Israel)
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