Sancti Caecilii Cypriani Opera : recognita & illustrata / per Joannem Oxoniensem Episcopum : accedunt Annales Cyprianici, sive, Tredecim annorum, quibus S. Cyprianus inter Christianos versatus est, brevis historia chronologice delineata per Joannem Cestriensem.

Cyprian, Saint, Bishop of Carthage.
Standardized Title:
Works. 1682
Oxonii : E Theatro Sheldoniano, Anno MDCLXXXII [1682]
[8], 14 [i.e. 18], [56], 72 [i.e. 70], 244, 240, 40, 110 [i.e. 108], 72 p., [1] leaf of plates : ill. ; 40 cm. (fol.)
o-um t;ro a-r- riRe (3) 1682 (R)
Cyprian, Saint, Bishop of Carthage.
Theology -- History -- Early church, ca. 30-600 -- Early works to 1800.
Place of Publication:
England Oxford.
In eight sections, each with separate pagination and signatures; text of each section continuous despite numerous errors in pagination.
Contains: a preface; Vita S. Caecilii Cypriani per Pontium ejus Diaconum; various indexes (leaves [superscript pi]e2r-2d2v); Annales Cyprianici, sive, Tredecim Annorum ... per Joannem Cestriensem; D. Caecilii Cypriani Ad donatum ...; De idolorum vanitate ...; Adversus Judaeos ...; Testimoniorum ad Quirinum ...; De habitu virginum; De unitate ecclesiae; De Lapsis; De oratione Dominica; De mortalitate; De exhortatione martyrii; Ad Demetrianum; De opere et Eleemosynis; De bono patientiae; De zelo et livore; Concilium Carthaginiense ...; Sancti Caecilii Cypriani Epistolae; Opuscula vulgo adscripta Caecilio Cypriano; Arnoldi Carnotensis, Abbatis Bonae-Vallis Opera, sive, Tractatus de verbis Domini in Cruce; De Cardinalibus Christi operibus; De Nativitate Christi; De ratione circumcisionis; De stella et magis ...; De baptismo Christi ...; De Jejunio et tentationibus Christi; De Coena Domini ...; De ablutione pedum; De unctione Chrismatis ...; De Passione Christi; De resurrectione Christi; De ascensione Christi; De Sancto Spiritu; De Operibus sex Dierum; De Laudibus Beatae Virginis; Meditationes; Epistolae ad Arnoldum; various pieces sometimes attributed to Cyprian (leaves 7A1r-7S2v), including the Expositio in Symbolum Apostolorum, Ruffino Torano, Aquileiensis Ecclesiae Presbytero auctore (leaves 7E1r-7H1r).
Errors in pagination: p. 18 incorrectly numbered 14 in second group, numbers 15 and 16 omitted from pagination sequence in fourth group, p. 197 incorrectly numbered 167 in fifth group, p. 121-122 and 127-128 incorrectly numbered 113-114 and 119-120, respectively, in sixth group, numbers 57 and 58 omitted from pagination sequence in eighth group.
Signatures: [sec.]⁴ [superscript pi]a-f² a-h² 2a-2d² (a)-(i)⁴ A-2G⁴ 2H² 3A-4G⁴ 5A-5E⁴ 6A-6N⁴ 6O² 7A-7S².
Errors in signatures: leaf (d3) incorrectly signed (d2), leaf (f1) incorrectly signed (e), leaf D3 incorrectly signed E2, leaf 3F incorrectly signed Eff, leaf 3L incorrectly signed LlI, leaf 4A3 incorrectly signed 3A3, leaf 4B2 incorrectly signed 3B2, leaves 5A2 and 5A3 incorrectly signed 4A2 and 4A3, respectively.
Engraved plate, device, and head-piece.
Front. plate signed: Sonmans delineavit. Burghers sculp.
Woodcuts: initials; tailpieces.
With side- and shoulder-notes.
With foot-notes, many including bibliographical references.
Includes indexes.
Errata on verso of leaf h2.
Other copies of these Opera include the additional sections "Dissertationes Cyprianicae. Ab Henrico Dodwello" and "Appendix ad Dissertationes Cyprianicus ... Ab Henrico Dodwello".
"Index S. Scripturarum toto opere citatarum à Jac. Pamelio adornatus; relatione habita ad praesentem hanc Editionem.": recto of leaf a1 to recto of leaf h1.
Local notes:
This title is part of The Library and Reading of Jonathan Swift: a Partial Replication, a collection given to the University of Pennsylvania Rare Book & Manuscript Library in 2005 in memory of Susan Homans Elias and in honor of the late Heinz J. Vienken.
Swift's Library and Reading Collection copy imperfect: leaf 5C2 misbound after leaf 5C3.
Swift's Library and Reading Collection copy has binder's dog ear: leaf 3H3.
Lea Library copy has the "Index in Sancti Cypriani Epistolas et Tractatus" (leaves 2a1-2d2) bound after Cyprian's "Epistolae" (leaves 3A1-4G4).
Lea Library copy has binder's dog ear: leaf 7H2.
Lea Library copy has the bookplate and ms. autograph, dated 1866, of Henry Charles Lea.
Penn Provenance:
Vienken, Heinz J. (honoree) (Swift's Library and Reading Collection copy)
Elias, Susan Homans (honoree) (Swift's Library and Reading Collection copy)
Eyton, John (stamp) (Swift's Library and Reading Collection copy)
Lea, Henry Charles, 1825-1909 (autograph) (bookplate) (Lea copy)
Hathers(?) (Lea copy)
Penn Chronology:
Cited in:
Wing (2nd ed.), C7711
ESTC, R18885
Fell, John, 1625-1686.
Sheldonian Theatre.
Swift's Library and Reading Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Henry Charles Lea Library (University of Pennsylvania)
Pearson, John, 1613-1686. Annales Cyprianici.
Pontius, Saint, Deacon of Carthage, d. ca. 260. Vita Cypriani.
Arnaldus, Abbot of Bonneval, d. 1156. Opera.
Rufinus, of Aquileia, 345-410. Expositio in Symbolum Apostolorum.
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