The Invisalign system / [edited by] Orhan C. Tuncay

London ; Chicago : Quintessence Publishing, c2006.
xiv, 320 p. : ill. (chiefly col.) ; 29 cm.

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Orthodontics, Corrective.
Medical subjects:
Orthodontics, Corrective.
Orthodontic Appliances.
Section I. History of the concept. The dental contour appliance: a historical review / Henry I. Nahoum
Essix technology: tooth movement and retention / John Sheridan
History and overview of the invisalign system / Trang Duong
Section II. Modeling in the invisalign system. Polyvinyl siloxane impression materials / John M. Powers
Align's standard on quality impressions / David Chenin
Scanning process and stereolithography / Srinivas Kaza
Invisalign software / Andrew Beers
Virtual diagnostic setup / David Chenin and Kent Verdis
Attachments / Peter Knopp and Mitra Derakhshan
Invisalign attachments: materials / Eric Kuo and Trang Duong
ClinCheck: overview and preparation / Craig Crawford
Staging / Rene Sterental
Overcorrection: principles and considerations / Eric Kuo
Three-dimensional superimposition tool / C. Van Nguyen and Jihua Cheng
Virtual invisalign practice / David Chenin
Computer-oriented dental measurements / Vadim Matov
Section III. Performance characteristics of the invisalign system. Mechanics of tooth movement with invisalign / Andrew Beers and Trang Duong
Applications of mechanics with invisalign / Heng Cao and Trang Duong
Biologic elements of tooth movement / Orhan C. Tuncay
Properties of aligner material Ex30 / Robert Tricca and Chunha Li
Ex40 material and aligner thickness / Trang Duong, Eric Kuo, and Mitra Derakhshan
Extraction treatment with invisalign / David E. Paquette
Force application with invisalign: constancy and compliance / Trang Duong and Robert Tricca
Section IV. Clinical considerations in using the invisalign system. Advantages of the invisalign system / Trang Duong and Mitra Derakhshan
Review of the diagnostic process / Robert L. Boyd
Interproximal enamel reduction / Rainer-Reginald Miethke and Paul-Georg Jost-Brinkmann
Facial esthetic examination and analysis / Marc B. Ackeman
Surgical treatment and invisalign / Ross Miller and Trang Duong
Feasibility study of the invisalign system in treatment of adolescents / Andrew Trosien and Robert Fry
Data mining: principles and considerations / Eric Kuo
Section V. Office design and technology. Invisalign office design and technology / Orhan C. Tuncay, Marc S. Lemchen, and Agnes A. Kan.
Includes bibliographical references.
Tuncay, Orhan C.