Platōnos hapanta ta sōzomena = Platonis opera quae extant omnia / ex noua Ioannis Serrani interpretatione, perpetuis eiusde[m] notis illustrata : quibus & methodus & doctrinæ summa breuiter & perspicuè indicatur ; eiusdem annotationes in quosdam suae illius interpretationis locos ; Henr. Stephani de quorundam locorum interpretatione iudicium & multorum contextus Graeci emendatio.

Standardized Title:
Works. Latin & Greek. 1578
Other Title:
Platōnos hapanta ta sōzomena
Platonis opera quae extant omnia
[Geneva] : Excudebat Henr. Stephanus ..., 1578.
3 v. (36, 542, [2]; [8], 992; [8], 416, 139 ; 39 cm (fol.)
s-u- eoa, **** esNa (3) 1578 (A) v.1
· s-r- u-i- ***- diPR (3) 1578 (A) v.2
ias, i-ca e,i- deIg (3) 1578 (A) v.3
Place of Publication:
Switzerland Geneva.
Greek text and Latin translation in parallel columns.
Prefatory matter and notes in Latin; parallel Greek and Latin texts.
Vol. 2-3 have half-titles only.
Date of imprint is contained within printer's device and precedes printer statement on title page.
Place of imprint supplied from Adams based on activity of printer.
Date of publication contained in printer's device.
Signatures: v.1: *⁴ 2*⁶ 3*⁸ A-2X⁶ 2Y⁸ (Y8 blank); v. 2: [par.]⁴ 2A-5N⁶ 5O⁴ (2A1 blank except for the signature; 3R3 numbered 3R2); v. 3. [par.]⁴ 4A-4B⁶ 4C-4D⁴ 4E-5L⁶ 5M⁸ 5N⁴ 5O⁶ 5P-5Z⁴ a-f⁴.
First four words of title transliterated from the Greek.
Register at end of v. 3.
Woodcuts: printer's device on title page of v. 1; initials; head- and tail-pieces. In this edition, Estienne used his entire series of head-pieces.
Printed marginalia.
First complete edition of the works of Plato. The Greek text is from the Aldine 1513 edition collated with the Basel 1534 and 1556, and for the Laws, the Louvain 1531 edition. The Latin is a new translation by Jean de Serres revised and corrected by Henri Estienne.
Includes three dedicatory prefaces: the first volume is dedicated to Queen Elizabeth, the second to James VI of Scotland and the third to the republic of Berne.
"The pagination is universally accepted as the standard system of reference to the text of Plato."--Fred Schreiber. The Estiennes.
Includes index.
Local notes:
Swift Collection copy from The Library and Reading of Jonathan Swift: a Partial Replication, a collection given to the University of Pennsylvania Rare Book & Manuscript Library in 2005 in memory of Susan Homans Elias and in honor of the late Heinz J. Vienken.
Swift Library copy has bibliographic ms. notes in ink on front free endpaper of v. 1.
Culture Class Collection copy has ms. signature of Glenn R. Morrow (1895-1973)
Culture Class Collection copy wanting final blank leaf (v.1)
Penn Provenance:
Vienken, Heinz J. (honoree) (Swift Library copy)
Elias, Susan Homans (honoree) (Swift Library copy)
Grimaudet, Franciscus (autograph) (Swift Library copy)
Morrow, Glenn R. (Glenn Raymond), 1895-1973 (autograph) (Culture Class Collection copy)
Penn Chronology:
Cited in:
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Estienne, Henri, 1531-1598, printer.
Swift's Library and Reading Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Greek Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Platonis, augustiss. philosophi omnium quae extant operum tomus secundus, Graecè & Latinè.
Platonis, augustiss. philosophi omnium quae extant operum tomus tertius, Graecè & Latinè.
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