Die Pfarrersköchin : Lebensbild mit Gesang in vier Acten, ca. 1868, 1873-1888.

Berg, O. F., 1833-1886.
ca. 1868, 1873-1888.
10 items.
Contained In:
Learned Collection on German-Language Theater. Folders 46-49

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In German.
"O. F. Berg" was the pseudonym of Ottokar Franz Ebersberg, a Viennese playwright and journalist.
The file contains materials related to rehearsal and performance of the play that belonged to the theater lending-library of Theodor Bloch in Philadelphia. Included are a published copy (n.d., n.p.), which has been annotated as a prompt-book; and 9 handwritten role books for the following parts: Frau von Stein, Gustbesitzerin; Ernst, Infanterie-Officier, deren Cousin; Stieglitz, dessen Privatdiener; Pater Kilian, ein Landpfarrer; Gustl, seine Köchin; Ludmilla, Oberin des Stiftes Rosenheim; Flora Weissenbach, deren Nichte; Zipfel, Schulgehilfe; and Resi, Magd im Pfarrhofe. The play was originally published in 1868, and the published copy, which bears the imprint: "Den Bühnen gegenüber Manuscript und ausschliessliches Eigenthum der Theater-Agentie des Herrn C. A. Sachse," probably dates from around that time; Sachse was located in Vienna. (A strip of paper with the name of the theater publisher Eduard Bloch has been pasted onto the first page of the book, but does not seem to reflect the actual publishing source.) A fragment of a playbill pasted to the inside front cover of the published copy advertises a performance of the play in Turnerhalle Sommer-Theater, Philadelphia, on 29 Augst 1873, and includes a cast list. On a back page are pasted two unidentified newspaper clippings of short prose items on "Schamhaftigkeit einer Pfarrersköchin" and "Cölibatfrage" (topics related to the subject matter of the play). Names of actors written on role books reflect at least 3 different performances with different casts. The role book for Pater Kilian is signed and dated by one actor who played the role: G. Adolfi, Philadelphia, 27 Nov. 1888. (The collection's holdings of theater newspapers and playbills do not contain any reference to this play.)