The Peshiṭta : its uses in literature and liturgy : papers read at the third Peshiṭta Symposium / edited by Bas ter Haar Romeny.

Leiden : Brill, 2006.
Conference Name:
Peshiṭta Symposium. (3rd : 2001 : Leiden, Netherlands)
Monographs of the Peshiṭta Institute, Leiden, 0169-9008 ; v. 15
xxiv, 412 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Bible. O.T.. -- Syriac -- Versions -- Peshiṭta -- Congresses.
Use of the Syriac versions in the liturgy / Sebastian P. Brock
Between the school and the monk's cell: the Syriac Old Testament commentary tradition / Lucas Van Rompay
Problems in the Syriac New Testament and how Syrian exegetes solved them / William L. Petersen
Biblical text in the Disputation of Sergius the Stylite against a Jew / A. Peter Hayman
Reworking the biblical text in the dramatic dialogue poems on the Old Testament patriarch Joseph / Kristian Heal
Old Testament in the new: the Syriac versions of the New Testament as a witness to the text of the Old Testament Peshiṭta / Jan Joosten
'Syriac Masora' and the New Testament Peshiṭta / Andreas Juckel
Four kingdoms in Peshiṭta Daniel 7 in the light of the early history of interpretation / Arie van der Kooij
Aphrahat's use of his Old Testament / Marinus D. Koster
'There is no need of turtle-doves or young pigeons ...' (Jacob of Sarug): quotations and non-quotations of Leviticus in selected Syriac writers / David J. Lane
Ephrem, his school, and the Yawnaya: some remarks on the early Syriac versions of the New Testament / Christian Lange
Ishoʻdad's knowledge of Hebrew as evidenced from his treatment of Peshiṭta Ezekiel / Jerome A. Lund
Text of the New Testament in the Acts of Judas Thomas / Craig E. Morrison
Interpretation in the Greek Antiochenes and the Syriac Fathers / Shinichi Muto
Book of Proverbs in Aphrahat's Demonstrations / Robert J. Owens
Sirach quotations in the Discourses of Philoxenus of Mabbug: text and context / Wido van Peursen
Reception of Peshiṭta Chronicles: some elements for investigation / David Phillips
Greek vs. the Peshiṭta in a West Syrian exegetical collection / Bas ter Haar Romeny
Peshiṭta and biblical quotations in the longer Syriac version of the commentary of Athanasius on the Psalms (BL Add. 14568), with special attention to Psalm 23 (24) and 102 (103) / Harry F. van Rooy
Reception of the Peshiṭta Psalter in Bar Salibi's Commentary on the Psalms / Stephen D. Ryan
Obscure words in the Peshiṭta of Samuel, according to Theodore bar Koni / Alison Salvesen
New Testament quotations in the breviary of the Syrian Orthodox Church: example: The Annunciation (Luke 1:26-38) / Aho Shemunkasho
Psalm headings in the West Syrian tradition / David G.K. Taylor
Peshitta New Testament quotations in the West Syrian anaphoras: some general observations / Baby Varghese.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Haar Romeny, R. B. ter.
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