Doctor Klaus : Lustspiel in 5 Acten, ca. 1878-1890.

L'Arronge, Adolph, 1838-1908.
ca. 1878-1890.
13 items.
Contained In:
Learned Collection on German-Language Theater. Folders 258-262.

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In German and English.
The play was first published in 1878. The file contains materials related to rehearsal and performance, including a handwritten transcription of the text in a hard-covered notebook, with annotations, used as a prompt-book; and 12 handwritten role books, for the following parts: Leopold Griesinger; Julie, dessen Tochter; Max von Boden; Doctor Klaus; Marie; Emma; Gerstel; Marianne, Haushälterin; Lubowsky, Kutscher; Auguste, Dienstmädchen; Anna, Köchin; and Behrmann. (A few additional roles were apparently omitted in performance, so that the role books form a complete set.) What appears to be a list of props is noted on an inside back page of the notebook containing the handwritten text. Pasted to the inside front cover is a clipping from an unidentified source that recounts an anecdote about the Kaiser's attending the 100th performance of the play, his acknowledgment of the author, and some verses that L'Arronge reportedly wrote to the Kaiser alluding to the latter's personal physicians. Pasted to two inside front pages and to the inside back cover are clippings of 8 drawings that evidently depict scenes in the play, with captions in English. Names of actors and actresses noted on the covers of some of the role books appear to reflect two or three casts in Philadelphia in the course of the 1880s. Two sets of cast members are also listed in the text on the page with the list of characters. The notebook containing the text is labeled as the property of Theodor Bloch, who was active in German-language theater in Philadelphia from at least the early 1870s until the mid 1890s, first as an actor and later as a prompter, and who ran a theater lending library. See the index in the collection's register for details concerning three related theater newspapers from 1879, 1881 and 1887 (drawer 35) and an oversized playbill (folder 721).