Ein freier Mann : Posse in 3 Akten, 1866, ca. 1873-1878.

Rosen, Julius, 1833-1892.
1866, ca. 1873-1878.
15 items.
Contained In:
Learned Collection on German-Language Theater. Folders 466-470.

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In German.
aMaterials related to rehearsal and performance, including a published copy (Wien: Selbstverlag des Verfassers, 1866), which has been annotated as a prompt-book; a handwritten scenario; and 13 handwritten role books, for the following parts: Heinrich Herzfeld, Börsenagent; Adelheid, Herzfeld's Frau; Gabriele, Herzfeld's Schwester; Hugo Singer, Schiffs-Kapitain; Jenny, Singer's Frau; Hans Boller; Rummel, Schauspieler; Wilhelm, ein Matrose; der Wirth; Jean, Kellner; Jettchen, Stubenmädchen; ein Commissair; and ein Diener. (The role books appear to be complete as the play was performed, with one character, ein Arzt, omitted.) The published copy and the role books are labeled by hand as the property of Theodor Bloch, who was active in German-language theater in Philadelphia, first as an actor and later as a prompter, from 1873 until at least the mid 1890s, and who also ran a theater lending library. A playbill clipping (a newspaper ad) pasted to the inside front cover of the published copy advertises a performance of the play at Turnerhalle Sommer-Theater, Philadelphia on 10 Nov. 1873. Names of actors and actresses noted on the covers of role books reflect the latter cast, as well as the cast of 5-6 Nov. 1878, documented in a theater newspaper (see folder 690). A few of the role books show 3 names, suggesting that there may have been another set of performances in 1874-1875.