The Gyffard partbooks / transcribed and edited by David Mateer.

London : Published for the British Academy by Stainer and Bell, c2007-2009.
Musical score
1 score (2 v.) ; 33 cm.
Early English church music; 48, 51.
Early English church music, 0424-0359 ; 48, 51

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Hymns, Latin.
Antiphons (Music).
Kyrie eleison (Music).
Alleluia (Music).
Masses, Unaccompanied.
Responses (Music).
Passion music.
Sacred vocal music.
Choruses, Sacred (Mixed voices, 4 parts), Unaccompanied.
Latin words; also printed separately as texts with English translations.
v. 1. Te deum laudamus / Anonymous. Asparges me I ; Asparges me II ; Asparges me III ; Asparges me IV / Anonymous. Pater noster / Philip Van Wilder. Kyrie / Thomas(?) Hyett. Kyrie (Cunctipotens genitor) ; Alleluya (V. Per te dei genitrix) I / William Mundy. Kyrie (Cunctipotens genitor) / John Hake. Alleluya (V. Per te dei genitrix) II / William Mundy. Kyrie (Cunctipotens genitor) / Robert Okeland. Alleluya (V. Obtine sacris) / Thomas Knyght. Alleluya (V. Ora pro nobis) ; Mass / Thomas Tallis. Mass for a mene / Thomas Appleby. Audivi vocem / Thomas Tallis. Hodie nobis celorum rex / Robert Cowper. Hodie nobis celorum rex ; In pace in idipsum / Thomas Tallis. In pace in idipsum / John Blitheman. Exurge Christe / William(?) Mundy. Nos alium deum nescimus / Anonymous. O salutaris hostia / Anonymous. The Passion (according to St. Matthew) / Anonymous. Gloria laus et honor I ; Gloria laus et honor II / John Blitheman. Christus resurgens / Thomas Knyght. Christus resurgens / John Redford. Dum transisset / Robert Barber. Dum transisset / Robert Johnson. Vidi aquam egredientem / Anonymous. Salve festa dies / John Sheppard. Sedit angelus / Anonymous. Viri galilei / Anonymous. Spiritus Sanctus procedens / Anonymous. Alma chorus Domini / Anonymous. Kyrie (Lux et origo) / John Mundy. Hec dies / John Ensdale. Laudate purei / John Sheppard. In exitu Israel / John Sheppard, William Byrd, William Mundy
v. 2. Mass, De nomine Iesu / Anonymous. Mass, Upon the square / William Whytbroke. Mass, Upon the square I ; Mass, Upon the square II ; Magnificat / William Mundy. Magnificat / Thomas Tallis. Magnificat / John Sheppard. Magnificat / Henry(?) Stoning. Sancte deus / Philip Van Wilder. Sancte deus / Thomas Tallis. Recordare domine / Richard Bramston. Gaude maria virgo : a 4 ; Gaude virgo : a 5 / Robert Johnson. Salve regina mater misericordie / Philip Alcock. Sancta maria virgo / Anonymous. Gaudete celicole / John Sheppard. Tu es petrus / Anonymous. Sancta maria virgo / Thomas Knyght. Speciosa facta es / Christopher Hoskins. Nesciens mater / Thomas Wright. Ave maria / Anonymous. O bone Iesu / Anonymous.
Principally for 4 voices, unacc.
Based on British Library Add. MSS 17802-5.
Includes critical commentaries.
Includes bibliographical references.
Mateer, David.
British Library.
9780852498927 (v. 1)
0852498926 (v. 1)
9780852499108 (v. 2)
0852499108 (v. 2)
Publisher Number:
M220221606 (v. 1)
9790220222344 (v. 2)