Surviving Iraq : soldiers' stories / Elise Forbes Tripp.

Tripp, Elise Forbes.
Northampton, Mass. : Olive Branch Press, 2008.
xxvii, 274 p. : ill., map ; 23 cm.

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Iraq War, 2003 -- -Personal narratives, American.
United States -- Armed Forces -- Iraq -- Interviews.
9/11 and the invasion of Iraq
Jason Richardson, Navy : a "nuke" on the USS Truman
Nathan Hollway, Air Force : air support in Qatar
Arthur Schoenfeld, Marine Corps : the invasion of Iraq
Andre Queiroga, Marine Corps : president Bush's plan for Iraq
Richard Riley, Army National Guard : destroying Iraq
Pablo Rodriguez, Air Force Reserve : guarding Baghdad airport
Winning hearts and minds
Peter Granato, Army Reserve : the prisoners of camp Bucca
Nathan Murphy, Marine Corps Reserve : to shoot or not to shoot?
Andrew Mcconnell, Army : reconstruction and local politics
David Vacchi, Army : an officer's view of the war
Benjamin Flanders, Army National Guard : who are the insurgents?
Solomon Black, Marine Corps : fighting in Haditha and Falluja
Boots on the ground
Ben Shriber, Army Reserve : stuck in Kuwait
Nicolas Morton, Army Reserve : pulling security in Baghdad
Jeff Peddar, Marine Corps Reserve : working on the al-Asad air base
Russell Anderson, Army Reserve : a first sergeant and his troops
Michael Lawrence, Army Reserve : a training sergeant and his unit
Women in the war zone
Tanya Karst, Navy : launching tomahawks from our destroyer
Danielle Morin, Army Reserve : men and women in the army
Lydia Rodriguez, Army National Guard : a mother goes to war
Shannon Kennedy, Army Reserve : making Iraqi friends
Leslie Ramonas, Army Reserve : losing another woman
War's lasting impact
Jaime Perez, Army Reserve : counseling combat troops
Dan Moriarty, Army Reserve : treating soldiers with PTSD
Travis Jones, Army National Guard : counseling returning veterans
Andrew Simkewicz, Army : helping veterans impacted by war
Scott Palmer, Army : "it is an inner struggle"
Jon Zagami, Army Reserve : "my body is falling apart"
The ultimate loss
Alexander Arredondo, Marine Corps, Kia 2004
Carlos and Merida Arredondo, parents : fighting to end the war
Jeffrey Lucey, Marine Corps Reserve, d. 2004
Kevin and Joyce Lucey, parents : Jeff's PTSD and suicide.
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