Dialectica elementalis seu prima dialecticae elementia.

Martino, de Regadera.
312 leaves : paper ; 196 x 141 (160 x 98) mm bound to 203 x 150 mm
[Spain], 1686.

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Other Title:
Disputationes in secundam philosophiae partem nempe physicam sive philosophiam naturalem.
Aristotle -- Criticism and interpretation -- Early works to 1800.
Aristotle. Organon.
Porphyry, approximately 234-approximately 305. Isagoge.
Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274.
Logic -- Early works to 1800.
Physical sciences -- Early works to 1800.
Physical sciences.
Criticism and interpretation.
Manuscripts, Latin.
Manuscripts, European.
Latin, with a few scattered words in Greek (for example, f.207r).
Two works by a 17th-century Jesuit priest introducing Aristotelian and scholastic philosophy. Both works make frequent reference to Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, plus occasional references to other philosophers, such as Plato (f. 167r), Porphyry (f. 207r), the Scotists (f. 167v), and Pedro da Fonseca (f. 168r). The first work covers language, logic, syllogisms, universals, and ontological categories. The second work deals with natural philosophy: prime matter, including its distinction from form and dependence on form, the difference between essence and existence, and various aspects of substantial forms.
1. f.1r-246v: Dialectica elementalis seu prima dialecticae elementia.
2. f.3r-42r: Tractatus primus: institutiones dialecticae de his quae ad primam mentis operationem spectant.
3. f.43v-139r: Tractatus secundus: de dialectica reflexa, seu prooemialibus logicae disputationibus quibus logica se considerans sui naturam, et proprietates examinat.
4. f.140v-202v: Tractatus tertius: de universalibus incommuni ad obiectum dialecticae directae pertinentibus.
5. f.207r-221v: Tractatus quartius: de universalibus in particularibus seu de quinque praedicabilibus.
6. f.222r-223r: Tractatus quintus: de antepraedicamentis
7. f.223v-231r: Tractatus sextus: de praedicamentis
8. f.231v-241v: Tractatus septimus: in duos libros Perihermenias sive De interpretatione.
9. f.242r-246v: Tractatus octus: in libros analyticos Aristotelis de priori et posteriori resolutione.
10. f.248r-312v: Disputationes in secundam philosophiae partem nempe physicam sive philosophiam naturalem.
Ms. codex.
Title from caption heading (f.1r).
Foliation: Paper, ii (modern paper) + 312 + ii (modern paper); modern pencil foliation 1-312, upper right recto; contemporary pagination (inconsistent among and within works), upper center, 1-2, [3], 4-19, 32-35, 46-65, 64-102, [103, ii], 1-73, [74], 75-192, [ii], 1-46, [i], 47-80, [81], 82-87, 85-109, [110], 111, 102-108, 108-110, [xiii], 1-30, 1-3, 1-2, [3], 3-44, [45-46, ii], 1-22, 22-59, 94-163.
Layout: Written in 30-35 long lines.
Script: Written in a cursive script.
Watermark: Similar to W. A. Churchill 555 (1676), incorporating the coat of arms of Genoa.
Decoration: Various pen and ink drawings and flourishes around caption headings, including heading with pillars (f. 1r); heading with tree (f. 3r); chart of logical inverses (f. 31r); nomina sacra, maxims (f. 41v); trees with pointing hand (f. 42r); heading with gate (f. 43v); plants, nomina sacra (f. 139r); heading with circle (f. 140v); stars (f. 207r); monument with author's name (f. 222r); heading with date (f. 223v); tree of Porphyry with author's name (f. 224v); mausoleum (f. 231v); heading (f. 242r); suns with date (f. 246v).
Binding: Modern cloth.
Origin: Written in Spain (Zacour-Hirsch) in 1686.
Penn Provenance:
Gift of William Romaine Newbold.
Cited in:
Described in Zacour, Norman P. and Hirsch, Rudolf. Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Libraries of the University of Pennsylvania to 1800, Supplement B. The Library Chronicle 45 (1981), p. 10-11 (Ms. Latin 279).
Cited as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 1123