Kochbuch [manuscript].

Hess, Gertrud.
Frankfurt am Main, 1926.
151 leaves : paper ; 208 x 145-162 mm. bound to 211x 160 mm.

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Cooking, German.
Jewish cooking.
Passover cooking.
Hybrid books.
Manuscripts, German -- 20th century.
German, with one recipe and two notations in English (ff. 106r, 150v, 151r).
Compendium of recipes handwritten by Gertrud Hess into a ready-made blank book designed for that purpose, labeled Kochbuch (cookbook) in gilt letters on the cover. According to Hess's note on the front flyleaf, she lived at Heinestrasse 2, Frankfurt am Main, and began the book in September 1926 at a school for women (Frauenschule d. Philanthropie). On the first page with writing is a reference to the cookbook entitled Kochbuch der Koch- und Haushaltungsschule by Emma Wundt, Alice Rothmund, and Minna Künzler (Kochbuch v. Wundt, Rothmundt & Künzler, i. Karlsruhe ersch.; f. 7r), below which is a menu plan for Passover (Pesach), followed by a list of items for the Seder plate (Pesachschüssel). Several recipes are related to Passover: matzo ball soup (ff. 11v-12r); matzo shalet (Mazzaschalet; f. 150r); another recipe calling for matzos (f. 150v); apple cake (Pesachtorte; f. 151r); and a hazelnut cake (Haselnusstorte ... auch für Pesach; f. 150r). Found lying between the leaves at the back of the book is a small clipping of a recipe (Matzo-Apfel Pudding), from a German-language newspaper published in the United States, probably in New York. Next to some recipes is noted the name of the individual from whom it came (Frl. Gauss, f. 61v; Tante [aunt] Lene, f. 100r). The last recipe in the book is written mostly in English by someone other than Hess: Water Teig (dough) - Gertrud's (f. 151r); and in another a few English words are written in (f. 150v). On one otherwise blank page is a note written by a young child in English: Pooooor Mother you have nothing to cook, Love and xxxxxxxx Peter F. (f. 106r). The book's printed tabs are for the following categories: Suppen (soups); Fische (fish); Fleischspeisen (meat dishes); Braten (roasts); Saucen (sauces); Gemüse (vegetables; by hand: Reis [rice]); Kartoffelspeisen (potato dishes); Salate (salads); Mehl- und Eierspeise[n] (flour and egg dishes; by hand: Crème [cream or custard]); Gelee und Gefrorenes (jellied and frozen dishes; by hand: Kompott [compote]); Eingemachtes (pickled or preserved items); Pastete (pâté; by hand: Vorspeisen [appetizers]); Backwerk (cake and pastries); Getränke (beverages); and Diverses (miscellaneous). In the miscellaneous category are recipes mainly for puddings; cakes; pies or tarts; and custards. There are at least 5 recipes in every section, and usually 10-20, or sometimes more.
Ms. codex.
Title from cover.
Foliation: Paper, fol. i + 151 (76 leaves are blank). Modern foliation in pencil, upper right recto.
Script: Written in a modern German hand.
Binding: Modern boards. Covers are detached and gatherings loose.
Origin: Written in Frankfurt am Main beginning in September 1926 (front flyleaf).
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Sold by Schoen Books (South Deerfield, Mass.), 2006.
Cited as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 1144.
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