The man who pushed America to war : the extraordinary life, adventures, and obsessions of Ahmed Chalabi / Aram Roston.

Roston, Aram.
New York : Nation Books, c2008.
xiv, 369 p. ; 24 cm.

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Chalabi, Ahmad, 1944-.
Shiites -- Iraq -- Biography.
Statesmen -- Iraq -- Biography.
Iraq -- Politics and government -- 1991-2003.
Iraq War, 2003-.
Golden age, 1944-1958
Chalabi in America, 1962-1968
Beirut, 1971-1977
Petra Bank, 1977
Iran and Shiism, 1977-1988
Business with Saddam, 1980-1989
The collapse of the Chalabi empire, 1989-1990
The fall of Ahmad Chalabi, 1989
Desert Storm, 1990-1991
Recruitment, 1991
Going after Jordan, 1992
The founding of the Iraqi National Congress : audit by burglary and little coffins, 1991-1992
IBC Communications : the funding, 1992
Conviction, 1992
Guerrilla warrior, 1993-1995
Victory in Hong Kong, 1995
Tossed out in the cold, 1996
Rising again : Ahmad Chalabi's allies, 1997
Wooing the neocons, 1997-1998
Frozen assets and the Iraq trust
Forming INDICT
Ahmad Chalabi's law, 1998
The money returns
BKSH : representing Chalabi
The uses of September 11, 2001
September 11- a new direction
Saddam's airline hijacking school
The case of the underground wells
David Rose, 2001-2003
The man who invented the mobile labs, March 2002
Saddam's mistress, September 2002
The run-up to war, summer 2002-winter 2003
The committee for the liberation of Iraq, autumn 2002
The free Iraqi forces and the end of the Iraq liberation act, summer 2003-winter 2003
The birth of de-baathification, summer 2002
There is oil in Iraq
Getting ready, winter 2003
Entering Iraq, April 2003
The dossiers, 2003
An armored truck and $250 million, April 2003
De-baathification, part II, 2003-2004
Chalabi vs. Bremer, May 2003-April 2004
The UN gets a warning, summer 2003
The State of the Union, January 2004
BKSH at war, 2003-2004
Banking in Iraq, summer-fall 2003
Chalabi under siege, May 2003
The Iran connection
Weapons of mass destruction
Almost at the top
Inside deal, 2005
The vote, 2005-2006
The rescue of the journalist, 2005
Includes bibliographical references (p. 350-360) and index.
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1568583532 (alk. paper)