International handbook of children, media and culture / edited by Sonia Livingstone and Kirsten Drotner.

London : SAGE, 2008.
xxi, 537 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.

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Mass media and children.
Mass media and youth.
Mass media -- Social aspects.
Culture - nature and the construction of childhood / Alan Prout
The child in the picture / Patricia Holland
Managing monsters: videogames and the mediatization of the toy / Dan Fleming
Harlequin meets the SIMS: a history of interactive narrative media for children and youth from early flap books to contemporary multimedia / Jacqueline Reid-Walsh
Making waves: historical aspects of public debates about children and mass media / Chas Critcher
Children and media in the context of the home and family / Stewart M. Hoover / Lynn Schofield Clark
Reality and fantasy in media: can children tell the difference and how do we know? / Maire Messenger Davies
Children, youth and the mobile phone / Rich Ling / Leslie Haddon
The mediated playground : media in early childhood / Dafna Lemish
Dividing delights: children, adults and the search for sales / Jane Kenway / Elizabeth Bullen
Youth films: transforming genre, performing audiences / Anne Jerslev
Learning theory, video games, and popular culture / James Paul Gee
Children and media: a cultural studies approach / David Buckingham
The African reception of global media / Larry Strelitz / Priscilla Boshoff
Let the world in! globalization in Greenland / Jette Rygaard
Games in the media : the acquisition of social structure and social rules / Maria Heller
Children, media and regional modernity in the Asia Pacific / Stephanie Hemelryk Donald
Girls issues, gender and the media: Feminist activism in China / Bu Wei
Contextualizing media competencies among young people in Indian culture : interface with globalization / Usha S. Nayar / Amita Bhide
Youth, media and culture in the Arab world / Marwan M. Kraidy / Joe F. Khalil
Constrained appropriations : practices of media consumption and imagination amongst Brazilian teens / Norbert Wildermuth
Television culture and media socialization across countries : theoretical issues and methodological approaches / Letizia Caronia / Andre H. Caron
Mobilizing the imagination in everyday play : the case of Japanese media mixes / Mizuko Ito
Japanese young people, media and everyday life: towards the internationalizing of media studies / Toshie Takahashi
Debates and challenges facing new literacies in the 21st century / Renee Hobbs
From parental control to peer pressure: cultural transmission and conformism / Dominique Pasquier
The commodification of youth culture / Janet Wasko
Media and communications regulations and child protection: an overview of the field / David Oswell
Facilitating political participation: young citizens, internet and civic cultures / Peter Dahlgren / Tobias Olsson
Childrens communication rights: beyond intentions / Cees J. Hamelink
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Livingstone, Sonia M.
Drotner, Kirsten.
9781412928328 (hbk.)
141292832X (hbk.)