Mentor of generations : reflections on Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik / edited by Zev Eleff.

Jersey City, NJ : KTAV Pub. House, c2008.
xxi, 349 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Soloveitchik, Joseph Dov -- Anecdotes.
Rabbis -- United States -- Anecdotes.
Jewish scholars -- United States -- Anecdotes.
The '30s : a Bostonian with sights on New York
The '40s : the emergence of Halakhik man
The '50s : in and out of the classroom
The '60s : mentor of generations
The '70s : a legacy of many perspectives
The '80s : an aging giant.
Learning with the Rav: the early years at Yeshiva / Henoch (Henry) Cohen
Lifelong personal encounter with the Rav / Bernard Lander
From Boston to New York / William Millen
Personal glimpses into the persona of the Rav / Alvin I. Schiff
Rov: a memoir / Nathan Epstein
Rav: public giant, private mentsch / Noman Lamm
Unique phenomenon that was the Rav / Bernard Rosensweig
Halakhic mind of the Halakhic man: a perspective on the Rav / Sol Roth
How the Rav stayed with me / Fred Sommers
Approach of the Rav to p'sak and public policy / Saul J. Berman
Rav at Revel, The Rav at RIETS / Robert Blau
Impact of the Rav's presence on Yeshiva / Yosef Blau
Memories of the Rav Zt"l / Herbert Bomzer
My memories of the Rav / Abba Bronspigel
Rav and Dr. Belkin / Zevulun Charlop
Reflections on the Rav: life at RIETS some 50 years ago / Samuel Danishefsky
Lonely man / William Herskowitz
Rav: his impact on my life / Haskel Lookstein
Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik: a guide to life / David J. Radinsky
Rav: in and out of the classroom / Aaron Rakeffett-Rothkoff
Our rebbe / Israel Rivkin
My rebbe, Rabbi Soloveitchik? / Fabian Schonfeld
Rav: how he developed p'sak and his views of Da'at Torah / Julius Berman
Rav Yosef Dov HaLevi Soloveitchik (The Rov) ZT"L: role model par excellence / Heshie Billet
Memories of kindness / Rivkah Teitz Blau
Learning from the Rav: preparing for shiur / Shmuel Boylan
Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik ("the Rav") as pedagogue / Michael Chernick
My first year in the Rav's shiur / Menachem Genack
Ma'aseh Rav: V'dok / Daniel Greer
Rav and Rav Ahron / David Luchins
Rov as Rov in Boston / Seth Mandel
Reflections on the Rav / Menahem Meier
Rav and the Jewish holdays throughout the year / Shlomo H. Pick
Rav: my rebbe: an essay on the Derekh Halimud of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik / Hershel Reichman
Rav and Torah u-Madda / David Shatz
Rav and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel / Charles Weinberg
Special zechut: serving as the Rav's shamosh / Yosef Adler
Rav as a melamed / Azarya Berzon
How the Rav changed my spiritual life / Aharon Bina
Understanding the Rav's "philosophy" / Eugene B. Borowitz
Teacher not a spokesman / Shalom Carmy
Roz zt"l: the Nigleh and the Nistar / Mordecai E. Feuerstein
Personal glimpses and lessons derived / Zev Friedman
Hineni he-ani mi-maas / Itzhak D. Goldberg
Initial encounters / Shmuel Goldin
Reflections of two generations of shamashim / Dovid Holzer
Reliving Sinai / Doniel Lander
Tuesday evenings with the Rav / Morris Laub
My grandfather, the Rav / Mayer Eliyahu Lichtenstein
Rav and the Tisha B'Av kinot / Jacob J. Schacter
Rav: a Boston memoir / Jeffrey R. Woolf
Transformation / Binyamin Blau
Rov as a personal rebbe / Kenneth Brander
Rav as an aging giant (1983-1985) / Howard Jachter
On translating Ish ha-Halakhah with the Rav: Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik's supplementary notes to Halakhic man / Lawrence Kaplan.
Eleff, Zev.
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