Limits of the human / Frenchy Lunning, editor.

Minneapolis, Minn. : Univ of Minnesota Press, c2008.
xvi, 287 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Mechademia ; 3.
Mechademia ; 3

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Popular culture -- Japan.
Graphic arts -- Japan.
Popular culture -- Japanese influences.
Animated films -- Japan -- History and criticism.
Human beings -- Variation.
In English, some contributions translated from Japanese.
Preface : The limits of the human / Frenchy Lunning
Introduction : The limits of "The limits of the human" / Christopher Bolton
Contours: around the human : Refiguring the human / Mark C. Taylor
The otherworlds of Mizuki Shigeru / Michael Dylan Foster
Extreme makeover for a Heian-era wizard / Laura Miller
Undressing and dressing Loli: a search for the identity of the Japanese Lolita / Theresa Winge
Manga: Komatopia / Natusume Fusanosuke
Companions: with the human : Speciesism, part I: Translating races into animals in wartime animation / Thomas LaMarre
Stigmata in Tezuka Osamu's works / Yomota Inuhiko
Disarming atom: Tezuka Osamu's manga at war and peace / Otsuka Eiji
States of emergency: urban space and the robotic body in the Metropolis tales / Lawrence Bird
Emotional infectivity: cyborg affect and the limits of the human / Sharalyn Orbaugh
Manga: the signal of noise / written and adapted by Adèle-Elise Prévost, illus. by Musebasement
Compossibles: of the human : Gundam and the future of Japanoid art / Takayuki Tatsumi, translated, with a response by Christopher Bolton
Pop culture icons: religious inflections of the character toy in Taiwan / Teri Silvio
Machinic desires: Hans Bellmer's Dolls and the technological uncanny in Ghost in the shell 2: innocence / Steven T. Brown
Postscript: Cary Wolfe
Review and commentary : A healing gentle apocalypse: Yokohama kaidashi kikō / Marc Hairston ; Lost in transition: train men and dolls in millennial Japan / Susan Napier ; Howl's moving castle / Antonia Levi ; Playing outside the box with Mind game / Paul Jackson ; From transnationalization to globalization: the experience of Hong Kong / Wendy Siuyi Wong ; "Always exoticize!" Cyborg identities and the challenge of the nonhuman in Full metal Apache / Joshua Paul Dale
Postmodern in old hat: Samūrai Champloo / William L. Benzon
Torendo : Giant robots and superheroes: manifestations of divine power, east meets west: An interview with Crispin Freeman / Frenchy Lunning.
Includes bibliographical references.
Lunning, Frenchy.