[Ledger of Concini debtors and creditors, miscellaneous accounts and memoranda] [manuscript].

[Italy], 1631-1636.
143 leaves : paper ; 420 x 285 mm. bound to 431 x 288 mm. + 1 booklet (18 leaves).
Concini family.
Medici, Camilla Concini.
Ricasoli, Leonora Concini.
Orlandini, Ginevra Concini.
Giraldi, Maria Concini.
Capponi, Ippolita Concini.
Concini, Arrigo.
Accounting -- Italy -- 17th century.
Farm management -- Italy.
Farm life -- Italy -- History.
Italy -- Rural conditions.
Credit records.
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Manuscripts, Italian -- 17th century.
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Ledger of debtors and creditors and accounts related to the estate of Arrigo Concini for the years 1631-1636. Arrigo died in 1631 and all his assets were passed on to his daughters, his only heirs. Often includes the nature of a given credit or debt and its amount, as well as listing the names of the individuals that hold the debt or credit. Various names appear throughout the ledger as counterparts in the transactions, the most important being members of the Concini family (including the daughters and heirs of Arrigo, Camilla Concini Medici; Leonora Concini Ricasoli; Ginevra Concini Orlandini; Maria Concini Giraldi; and Ippolita Concini Capponi); Cosimo de' Medici; Alessandro Neri and his heirs; Emilio Malatesta; and Amerigo Strozzi. Accounts for the numerous estates of Arrigo Concini are also very frequent. Among the properties belonging to the Concini family mentioned in the ledger are the farm attached to the Priory of San Jacopo, located in Piano di Radici, Terranuova Bracciolini, Arezzo; a house in central Florence; the farm of Ponte Rosso, in Figline Valdarno, southeast of Florence; and the farms Il Ponticino, La Croce and La Paperina, all located in the proximity of Florence. The ledger contains very detailed accounts of the everyday transactions that result from the management of said farms: examples of such transactions include the purchase of feed for the animals; the sales of wine and oil to individuals and other farms; and an accurate record of births and deaths of farm animals and their value, should they be sold. There are also accounts related to the very diversified production of the farms, which included wine and oil; beans (fava, cicerchie, lupini and borlotti); cereal (wheat, barley, and flax-seed); meat and cheese (swine, chickens, pigeons, beef, veal, and lambs) and assorted produce (fresh fruit, vegetables, and dried figs). Accounts concerning the payment of the workers and servants of Arrigo Concini who worked in his farms and survived him are also present and the names that appear most frequently are Vergilio Casini, Benedetto Bonechi and Piero Salviani (all farmers). Memoranda, written in a more narrative tone, describe the circumstances that lead to the creation of a debt or credit. An alphabetical index, with 18 lettered tabs, containing names of individuals that appear in the ledger, is laid inside the upper cover of the manuscript.
1. f.1v-97v: [Debtors and creditors and miscellaneous accounts]
2. f.129r-13v: [Memoranda]
Ms. codex.
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Foliation: Paper, i (paper) + 143 + i (paper); each folio has the same number on both recto and verso; rectos numbered [i], 2-97, [98-143], contemporary numeration in ink, modern numeration in pencil, upper right recto; versos numbered 1-97, [98-143], contemporary numeration in ink, modern numeration in pencil, upper left verso (f. 98-128 and 132-143 are blank but ruled).
Layout: Written in 2 or 3 columns with vertical bounding lines in lead; the left or central column usually contains a description of the debt, credit or transaction and the right column contains its amount. Itemized accounts of single transactions are also present. Memoranda written in long lines.
Script: Written in a cursive script, perhaps by multiple hands.
Watermark: Unidentified watermark containing an oblong human head, a crown and an oval shape.
Binding: Contemporary vellum, no. 89 and Giornale del signor Arrigo Concini on spine; heading Giornale e ricordi dell'ereditá di tutti i debitori e creditori del signor cavalier Arrigo Concini 1631 and letter A with decorative penwork on upper cover; lower cover wraps around upper cover with remnants of leather tie; decorative leatherwork on spine.
Origin: Written in Italy between 1631 (f. 1r) and 1636 (f. 11r).
Forms part of: Concini Papers.
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Described in Zacour, Norman P. and Hirsch, Rudolf. Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Libraries of the University of Pennsylvania to 1800: Supplement A (5), Library Chronicle 37 (1971), no. 2, p. 95 (Ms. Lea 566).
Cited as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 1465
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