Concini family papers, 1572-1685.

Concini family.
3 boxes + 1 oversize folder.
Monte, Leonora Concini, marchesa di.
Concini, Bartolomeo.
Concini, Arrigo.
Concini, Alessandra Antinori.
Casini, Vergilio.
Cosimo I, Grand-Duke of Tuscany, 1519-1574.
House furnishings -- Italy.
Accounting -- Italy -- 16th century.
Accounting -- Italy -- 17th century.
Farm life -- Italy -- History.
Farm management -- Italy.
Real property -- Italy -- Florence -- 16th century.
Real property -- Italy -- Florence -- 17th century.
Nobility -- Italy -- Florence -- Genealogy.
Clothing and dress -- Italy -- Florence -- 16th century.
Clothing and dress -- Italy -- Florence -- 17th century.
Florence (Italy) -- Genealogy.
Italy -- Rural conditions.
Credit records.
Notarial documents.
Coats of arms.
Genealogical tables.
Manuscripts, Italian -- 16th century.
Manuscripts, Italian -- 17th century.
Manuscripts, European.
Manuscripts, Renaissance.
Italian and Latin.
Collection of documents concerning the history of the Concini family, including genealogical tables, copies of baptismal and burial certificates, descriptions of the family's properties, inventories of its household goods, documents relative to its honors and privileges, and accounts covering the years 1572-1685. The collection is divided into six sections. The last five sections were originally bound together under the name Fogli vari della famiglia Concini, now disbound. Section 1 (Folder 1) contains miscellaneous accounts and memoranda of Leonora Concini marchesa di Monte, mostly kept by her sister, Camilla Concini Medici. Section 2 (Folder 2), referred to as Fogli d'onorificenze e privilegi della suddetta casa, contains documents concerning the nobility of the Concini family, including a history of its origin; memoranda describing events in which members of the family served the community, or received honors, tax exemptions and privileges; and copies of the inscriptions that appear on the family sepulcher. The documents also indicate strong relationships between the Concini family and members of some of the most important Florentine families, officers and institutions, including Cosimo I, grand-duke of Tuscany, the Gonfaloniere di Giustizia della città di Firenze (government officer with wide range of powers over the city) and the Priori delle Arti (heads of the guilds). Although these documents were likely composed between the late 16th century and the 17th century, they cover events as early as 1302. Section 3 (Folders 3 and 27), referred to as Fogli di ricordi, alberi, fedi di battesimo e di morte e d'altri fogli vari, is mostly composed of genealogical documents, including large and detailed genealogical tables and birth, baptismal and burial certificates. The genealogical tables contain a diverse range of information on the family and its origins, including a chart illustrating the Italian branch of the Concini and a less known German branch; various large tables with biographical information for numerous individuals, as well as details concerning some of their wills and estate; and diagrams emphasizing the relationships between the Concini and the Giraldi, the Medici, the Albizzi, the Guadagni, the Capponi, the Pappagalli, the de' Ricci, the Ricasoli, the Giugni and the Antinori. Section 4 (Folders 4-17), referred to as Fogli vari riguardanti i beni della casa Concini, is a large miscellany of documents, including accounts, estimates, construction projects and permits, real estate descriptions, reports, and letters, all concerning the Concini estate. The Concini owned numerous farms, the most important being in Terranuova Bracciolini, Arezzo; in Figline Valdarno; in San Giovanni Valdarno; and in Belvedere. Sometimes the name of the farmer or farm worker is also recorded, and a name that appears frequently is that of Vergilio (also spelled Virgilio) Casini, farm manager of Terranuova. Accounts related to various aspects of farm management are also present, including capital improvement. Section 5 (Folders 18-24), referred to as Inventari di mobili della casa Concini, contains very detailed inventories of personal property belonging to various members of the Concini family for the different houses and farms (including the Florentine residences and the farms of Terranuova, Figline, Belvedere, and San Giovanni). Section 6 (Folders 25-26) contains the cover for the volume in which the documents that are in Folders 2-24 and 27 were bound, and the discarded documents that were used to stiffen the binding.
Written on various sizes of paper, some with seals and remainders of seals.
Forms part of: Concini Papers.
Cited in:
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Documents contained in Folders 2-27 described in Zacour, Norman P. and Hirsch, Rudolf. Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Libraries of the University of Pennsylvania to 1800: Supplement A (5), Library Chronicle 37 (1971), no. 2, p. 91 (Ms. Lea 554).
Medici, Camilla Concini.
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