Delineazione della solenne abiura fatta nella Chiesa de Sa. Ma. Sopra Minerua il Mercoldi 25 e Giouedi 26 gennaro. alla presenza de gl'Emin. Sigrt. Cardinali Generali Inquisitori in tutta la republica christiana, e di tutto il sacro collegio. Di tutti li consultori, e molti altri prelati, prencipi, caualieri, e popolo numerosisso. di quest' alma citta di Roma con diuerse [graphic] / Arnoldo van Westerhout delin. e intagl.

Westerhout, Arnold van, 1651-1725.
Rome : Si stampa vende da Arnaldo Van Westerhout, alli du Macelli Roma ... 1719.
1 print : engraving ; plate mark 40 x 60 cm., on sheet 48 x 70 cm.
Legni, Silvestro -- Pictorial works.
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Chiesa di S. Maria sopra Minerva (Rome, Italy)
Inquisition -- 18th century.
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Place of Publication:
Italy Rome.
Westerhout's engraving depicts Silvestro Legni as the chief defendant in an abjuration, a public renunciation of heresy, in the church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva. Legni stands on a raised platform flanked by two guards and facing the members of the Holy Office of the Inquisition whose 12 cardinals are listed in the adjacent scroll on the upper right. Lower right scroll gives the names of the four followers tried with Legni: Giovanni Vecchioli, Giulio di Silvestro Legni (son of defendant Silvestro Legni), Bonaventura Arrigoni and Bernardino Salviati. The rest of the engraving depicts a huge space packed with spectators, commoners standing shoulder to shoulder on the ground floor and prelates and noblemen filling wooden stands which were built for the occasion. Depictions of five scrolls with text are imposed on the image, two vertical on either side, one in the top center which holds the title, and two in the lower left and right corners. The scroll in the lower right bears a floorplan reading "Pianta del Teatro". The vertical scroll on the left contains a key identifying various important people and groups within the scene.
Engraved, printed and sold by Arnold van Westerhout.
Not listed in Bodart's catalouge raisonné of Westerhout's works.
A version of Westerhout's engraving previously issued in 1687 depicts the abjuration of Miguel de Molinos.
Local notes:
Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the Arthur H. Lea Library Endowment Fund.
Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the Lea Library Maintenance Fund.
Lea Library copy has ms. annotations in left side vertical scroll with corrections/additions to list of notable people in attendance; copy also with ms. annotation added in right vertical scroll next to the name abbate Clemente Mendosi reads: Questa fra male ne intervenne.
Lea Library copy has foxing on lower margins not affecting plate.
Lea Library copy includes ink provenance stamp of Countess Anna Laetitia Pecci-Blunt on front and back of sheet.
Penn Provenance:
Pecci Blunt, Anna Laetitia, 1885-1971 (former owner) (stamp)
Penn Chronology:
Westerhout, Arnold van, 1651-1725, printer.
Henry Charles Lea Library (University of Pennsylvania)
Arthur H. Lea Library Endowment Fund.
Lea Library Maintenance Fund.
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