[Census reports] Compiled from the original returns of the ninth census (June 1, 1870,) under the direction of the secretary of the interior, by Francis A. Walker, superintendent of census.

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United States. Census office. 9th census, 1870.
Washington, Govt. print. off., 1872.
Government document
[v. 1, 3] maps (part fold.) 31 cm.
United States -- Census, 9th, 1870.
United States -- Population.
United States -- Statistics, Vital.
United States -- Economic conditions.
1. The statistics of the population of the United States, embracing the tables of race, nationality, sex, selected ages, and occupations. To which are added the statistics of school attendance and illiteracy, of schools, libraries, newspapers and periodicals, churches, pauperism and crime, and of areas, families and dwellings.
2. The vital statistics of the United States, embracing the tables of deaths, births, sex, and age, to which are added the statistics of the blind, the deaf and dumb, the insane and the idiotic.
3. The statistics of wealth and industry of the United States, embracing the tables of wealth, taxation, and public indebtedness of agriculture; manufactures; mining; and the fisheries. With which are reproduced from the volume on population, the major tables of occupations.
v. 1. Tables.
v. 2. Vital statistics.
v. 3. Wealth and industry.
"Geological map of the United States compiled for the 9th census by C. H. Hitchcock and W. P. Blake. 1872. The base is the military map of the United States, by permission of the chief of engineers. J. Bien, lith.": v. 3, in pocket.
Vols. 1 & 3 incomplete.
Walker, Francis Amasa, 1840-1897.
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