Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry (SCG '01) [electronic resource]. June 3-5, 2001, Medford, Massachusetts, USA / sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Groups for Graphics and Algorithms and Computation Theory.

New York : ACM Press, c2001.
x, 334 p. : ill.
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Symposium on Computational Geometry (17th : 2001 : Medford, Mass.)
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Seventeenth Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry
Computational geometry (SCG '01)
SCG '01
Geometry -- Data processing -- Congresses.
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Session 1. Combinatroics: On the number of congruent simplices in a point / P.K. Agarwal, M. Sharir ; Enumerating order types for small sets with applications / O. Aichholze, F. Aurenhammer, H. Krasser ; The union of congruent cubes in three dimensions / J. Pach, I. Safruti, M. Sharir ; On the distinct distances determined by a planar point set / J. Solymosi, C.D. Toth
Session 2. Shape simplification: Schematization of road networks / S. Cabello .. [et al] ; Simplifying a polygonal subdivision while keeping it simple / R. Estkowski, J.S.B. Mitchell ; Hardware-assisted view-dependent map simplification / N. Mustafa ... [et al.] ; Efficient perspective-accurate silhouette computation and applications / M. Pop ... [et al.]
Invited talk: Sphere packings and generative / T.C. Hales
Session 3. Topology: Hierarchical morse complexes for piecewise linear 2-manifolds / H. Edelsbrunner, J. Harer, A. Zomorodian ; Computing a canonical polygonal / schema of an orientable triangulated surface / F. Lazarus ... [et al.] ; Area-preserving piecewise affine mappings / A. Saalfeld
Session 4. Triangulations: Nice point sets can have nasty Delaunay triangulations / J. Erickson ; Walking in a triangulation / O. Devillers, S.Pion, M. Teillaud ; Sink-insertion for mesh improvement / H. Edelsbrunner, D. Guoy
Session 5. Hierarchical subdivision data structures: Box-trees and R-trees with near-optimal query time / P.K. Agarwal ... [et al.] ; A segment-tree based kinetic BSP / M. de Berg, J. Comba, L.J. Guibas ; Binary space partitions for axis-parallel segments, rectangles, and hyperrectangles / A. Dumitrescu, J.S.G. Mitchell, M. Sharir ; A note on binary plane partitions / C.D. Tóth
Session 6. Width, diameter, neighbors: Exact L[infininity] nearest neighbor search in high dimensions / H. Alt, L. Heinrich-Litan ; Farthest neighbors and center points in the presence of rectngular obstacles / B. Ben-Moshe, M.J. Katz, J.S.B. Mitchell ; A fully dynamic algorithm for planar width / T.M. Chan ; A practical approach for computing the diameter of a point set / S. Har-Peled
Invited talk: Protein geometry as a function of time / F.M. Richards
Session 7. Data structures: Discrete mobile centers / J. Gao ... [et al.] ; Segment intersection searching problems in general settings / V. Koltun ; On the complexity of halfspace area queries / S. Langerman
Session 8. Misc. applied: Algorithms for congruent sphere packing and applications / D.Z. Chen ... [et al.] ; Polymake : an approach to modular software design in computational geometry / E. Gawrilow, M. Joswig ; A randomized art-gallery algorithm for sensor placement / H. González-Banos, J.C. Latombe
Session 9. Misc. theory: Notes on computing peaks in k-levels and parametric spanning trees / N. Katoh, T. Tokuyama ; A tight bound on the number of geometric permutations of convex fat objects in [double R][superscript d] / J. Katz, K. Varadarajan ; The Clarkson-Shor technique revisited and extended / M. Sharir ; Detecting undersampling in surface reconstruction / T.K. Dey, J. Giesen
Sessio 10. Robust and exact primitives: Computing a 3-dimensional cell in an arrangement of quadrics: exactly and actually! / N. Geismann, M. Hemmer, E. Schömer ; PRECISE : efficient multiprecision evaluation of algebraic roots and predicates for reliable geometric computation / S. Krishnan ... [et al.]
Invited talk: Computational geometry for sculpture / G.W. Hart
Session 11. Complexity of arrangements: Different bounds on the different Betti numbers of semi-algebraic sets / S. Basu ; Efficient and small representation of line arrangements with applications / D.P. Dobkin, A. Tal ; A sum of squares theorem for visibility / P. Angelier, M. Pocchiola ; Monotone paths in line arrangement / R. Radoičič; G. Tóth ; Balanced lines, halving triangles, and the generalized lower bound theorem / M. Sharir, E. Welzl
Video presentation abstracts: Small representation of line arrangements / D.P. Dobkin, A. Tal ; The convex hull of ellipsoids / N. Geismann, M. Hemmer, E. Schömer ; 2-point site Voronoi diagrams / G. Barequet ... [et al.] ; The connectivity shapes video / M. Isenburg, S. Gumhold, C. Gotsman ; A prototype system for visualizing time-dependent volume data / L. Kettner, J. Snoeyink.
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