Radiation effects and ion-beam processing of materials [electronic resource] / editors, Lu-Min Wang ... [et al.].

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Ion-beam processing of materials
Warrendale, Pa. : Materials Research Society, c2004.
MRS proceedings ; v. 792
MRS proceedings ; v. 792
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Materials -- Effect of radiation on -- Congresses.
Ion bombardment -- Congresses.
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Microstructures of Irradiated and Mechanically Deformed Metals and Alloys: Fundamental Aspects
The Irradiated Microstructure of Ferritic-Martensitic Steel T91 and 9Cr-ODS
Defect Diffusion in hcp Zirconium: A kinetic Monte Carlo Approach
Surface Porosity Development on Metal Substrates by Helium Implantation and Annealing
In Situ TEM Study of Irradiation-Induced Transformation in TiNi Shape Memory Alloys
Ion Beam-Induced Amorphization of the Pyrochlore Structure-Type: A Review
Channeling Study of the Damage Induced in Ion-Irradiated Ceramic Oxides
Radiation Effects on Hollandite Ceramics Developed for Radioactive Cesium Immobilization
Damage Evolution and Annealing of Au-Irradiated Samarium Titanate Pyrochlore
Kinetics of Alkali Ion Exchange of Irradiated Glasses
Radiation-Induced Defects in Nonradioactive Natural Minerals: Mineralogical and Environmental Significance
Coupling Between Order Parameter and Compositional Fluctuations in the Irradiation Induced Monoclinic to Tetragonal Phase Transition in Pure Zirconia
Structure of Cu Ions in (Cu + Halogen or Chalcogen)-Ion Implanted Silica Glasses
Damage Mechanisms of Ion Implanted Bulk (0001) ZnO Single Crystals
Space Environment Effect on Fluorinated Polymers
Diffraction Contrast Image Analysis on the Facet Defects of the Laser Diodes Caused by ECR Cleaning Process
Irradiation Effect of Nitrogen Ion Beam on Carbon Nitride Thin Films
Destruction of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Under the Influence of Ion Bombardment
γ-Ray Detectors Based on Composite A¹B⁵C⁶ Semiconductors
Effects of High-Energy Ion Irradiation in Bismuth Thin Films at Low Temperature
The Origin of Radiation Resistance of Magnesium Aluminate Spinel
Surface Modification of γ-Al²O³ Nanoparticles by Electron Co-Irradiation-Induced Graft Polymerization of MMA
Study on End-of-Range Defects Induced by Sb Implantation
Mössbauer Study of 50MeV Li³ + Ion Irradiated Mg[subscript 0.9]Mn[subscript 0.1]In[subscript x]Fe[subscript 2-x]O⁴ Ferrite
Modification of Lattice Structure and Magnetic Properties of Fe-Rh Alloys by Energetic Electron Irradiation
NMR Study of Proton Beam Irradiated TlH₂PO₄
Vacancies in Electron Irradiated 6H Silicon Carbide Studied by Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy
Radiation-Induced Nanostructures in an Iron Phosphate Glass
Influence of High-Fluence Proton Irradiation on the Optical Absorption and Microstructure of Rutile
Proton Beam Irradiation Effects on Magnetic Nanocomposites
MAS NMR Study on the Microstructural Changes of Zeolite-NaY Under Neutron Irradiation
Electron-Irradiation-Induced Changes of Martensitic Transformation Characteristics in TiNi Shape Memory Alloys
Ion Beam Irradiation Effects on Polymers
Influence of Hydrogen Plasma Treatment on He Implantation-Induced Nanocavities in Silicon
Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Characterization of Self-Irradiated Zircon
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Point Defect Accumulation in 3C-SiC
Atomistic Simulations of Threshold Displacement Energies in SiO₂
Simulations of Electron Diffraction Contrast Images of Nanometer-Sized Dislocation Loops
Molecular Dynamics Study of Surface Morphological Evolution by Cluster Impacts
Experimental and Computational Studies of Ion-Solid Interactions in Silicon Carbide
Structural Disordering in Magnesium Aluminate Spinel Compounds Under Ion-Beam Irradiation
Irradiated Cubic Single Crystal SiC as a High Temperature Sensor
He+ Ion Damage in 4H-SiC Studied by Charge Collection Efficiency Measurements
Dynamic Recovery in Au Ion Irradiated Gallium Nitride
γ-Ray Irradiation Practical Conditions for Low Molecular Weight Chitosan Material Production
Radiation-Induced Structural Changes, Percolation Effects and Resistance to Amorphization by Radiation Damage
Coupled Kinetic Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Implant Damage Accumulation in Silicon
Atomic-Scale Simulations of Radiation Effects in GaN and Carbon Nanotubes
Comparative Study of Defect Properties in GaN: Ab Initio and Empirical Potential Calculations
REACE: A New Algorithm for Low Energy Ion Implantation Simulation
Application of High Energy Ion Beam on the Control of Boron Diffusion
The Role Of Ge In Cluster Formation In B and BF₂ Implanted Si Wafers After Ge Pre-Amorphization
Fabrication of Nanotips and Microbeams in Antimonide Based Semiconductor Material Using Bromine Ion Beam Assisted Etching
One and Two-Dimensional Pattern Formation on Ion Sputtered Silicon
Characterization of TEMPOS. A New Tunable Electronic Material With Pores in Oxide on Silicon
Microstructure and He Bubble Effects on Al-Cu Thin Films
Ion Beam Manipulation to Fabricate Ordered Layered Structures and Amorphous Alloys in Some Highly Immiscible Binary Metal Systems
Formation of Au-Nanocrystals in TiO₂ and SrTiO₃ by Ion Implantation in Restricted Volumes
Nanostructural Fluctuation in Radiation-Amorphized Alloys
Multi-Dot Floating-Gates in MOSFETs for Nonvolatile Memorie
Their Ion Beam Synthesis and Morphology
Characterization of Nanoclusters in MgO Created by Means of Ion Implantation
Preparation and Patterning of GaSb Surfaces with Br-IBAE for Antimonide Based Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Study of Optical Properties and TEM of Nanoparticles in Ni+-Implanted Sapphire
Isotope and Dose Effects in Low-Energy H/D Blistering of Silicon: Narrow Operational Window for Ion-Cutting at < 100 nm
Ge Nanocrystal Formed Directly by High-Dose-Ion-Implantation and the Related UV-VIS Photoluminescence
Formation of High Quality €-FeSi₂ by Pre-Amorphization-Enhanced Diffusion
Magnetic Properties in Fe-Ni Invar Alloys Irradiated by High-Energy Ions
Enhancement Effect of Photoluminescence in Si Nanocrystals by Phosphorus Implantation
Thermal Stability of Thin Films of Ion Beam Deposited CN[subscript x]
Trapping of Argon in Ion Beam Deposited Thin Films of CN[subscript x]H[subscript y]
High-Speed Processing With Cluster Ion Beams
Properties of Ordered Nanoporous Alumina as a Template for Pattern Transfer by MeV Ion Irradiation
Preamorphization-Induced Defects in Shallow P+N Junctions Characterized by an ac Magnetic Field
Correlation and Spectral-Density Roughness Analysis of Surfaces Processed With Gas-Cluster Ion Beams
Local Modification of Microstructure and of Properties by FIB-CVD
Low-Energy Ne+ Ion Channeling and Implantation into Cu(100) and Cu₃Au(100)
Fast Neutral Ar Penetration During Gas Cluster Ion Beam Irradiation Into Magnetic Thin Films
High Rate Etching of GaAs and GaP by Gas Cluster Ion Beams
Position Controlled GaN Nano-Structures Fabricated by Low Energy Focused Ion Beam System
Radiation Damage Characterization in Ar+ Implanted GaN
Xe Precipitates in Aluminum
Can We Trust TEM Images of Silicate Glasses?
Diffuse Electron Scattering by Nanometer-Sized Defects in Gold and Tantalum
High-Resolution Spectrochemical Analysis of Columnar Defects Formed in Bi₂Sr₂CaCu₂O[subscript x] by Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation
Ultrathin Cu Films on Mo(110) Characterized by Helium Implantation
Recovery Effect of Electron Induced Damage in 4H-SiC Schottky Diodes
Gas Cluster Ion Beam Processing of GaSb and InSb Surfaces
Experimental Study of Cluster Size Effect with Size-Selected Cluster Ion Beam System
n-Wells Voltage Contrast Imaging With a Focused Ion Beam
Simulation of Focused Ion Beam Induced Damage Formation in Crystalline Silicon
Localized Charging Effects Resulting From Focused Ion Beam Processing of Non-Conductive Materials
Ion Beam Processing for Silicon - Based Light Emission
RBS, TEM and SEM Characterization of Gold Nanoclusters in TiO₂(110)
Electrical Properties of Rutile Single Crystal Irradiated by High-Fluence-Reactor-Neutron
Ion Beam Assisted Deposition
The Influence of the Deposition Energy on Thin Film Formation: Co on Si(111).
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"Published proceedings articles from Symposium R from the 2003 MRS Fall Meeting."
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Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Wang, Lumin.
Materials Research Society. Meeting (2003 : Boston, Mass.). Symposium R.
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Radiation effects and ion-beam processing of materials.
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